30 April 2012




Our new arrivals! They're both bengals
{bengal = loud, cat mensa level IQ, affectionate, crazy, really crazy}
and they're settling in amazingly.

How do these little beings find their way into your heart so quickly?

12 March 2012


Meesh. 2004 - 21/02/2012

Things have been strange here lately. Quiet. Sad.
Mr B and I are missing a little someone from our home.
Someone who we only had in our lives for 6 years,
but someone who made our house our home.
She was gentle, accepting and loved us unconditionally,
even though she'd been mistreated by people before we knew her.
She was a true lady. She was beautiful.

22 January 2012


It's been too long... way too long since writing here.

Lots has happened. There have been ups and downs but Mr B and I, while not completely unscathed, are ok.

Life ebbs and flows, and some things that are right for a time in your life somehow aren't as important as at other times.

Spending less time with my hands hovering over the keyboard made me feel relieved.
I had saved myself lots of time and energy.

But now I realise that I miss this. I miss the connections I made with you - the lovely people that looked at my photos, read my words and shared with me.

I miss being creative.

Normal service will resume, if not shortly then at some point...

13 August 2010

Picture heavy


That's where I've been.

That's where part of me comes from.

I feel like I fit in there.


I feel like I fit in in England too.

But not quite.

I went from one home to my other,

saw my family,



drank lots of coffee

and were sad to say tot ziens.

...Now on to my favourite part.

29 June 2010

Birthday medley

May the rest of my 28th year be as nice.
And may Holland get to the World Cup Final.
Mr B is praising my Dutch roots
that have given him a fall back option!

07 June 2010

a play

This weekend Mr B and I went to

It is
Hidden in the leaves,
Shielded from the park.
But not from the weather.

If you ever get the chance, go.
But take your brolly.
You will probably get rained on.

We did.

But that's what makes it extra special.

We saw The Crucible.
It was awesome.
Thought provoking.

It made me grateful
that I'm believed,
that I don't have to proove anything to anyone.

24 May 2010

Short straw

something's not quite right...