24 December 2009

This Christmas

I wish you all

I'll be back in 2010!!!

23 December 2009

Just look at what I received...

From my photoswap partner Marisa!
Aren't these photos wonderful?
It's almost as if Marisa knew how much I love
the silhouettes of bare winter trees!
But I hadn't told her that before...

22 December 2009

The last few days I've been living in a winter wonderland

Snow and ice.
Freezing cold.
Hats and gloves and scarves and red noses.
Taking photos from inside the frozen car.
We had to wait a while for it to thaw.

Candles and electric heaters.
Hot water bottles.
Miracle of 34th Street.

Parcels. Presents. Sellotape. Stamps.
Christmassy google.
Well wishes from strangers.

Counting down...
to seeing family, to hugs and laughter
to flying to Holland!!

I think Christmas is almost here!!
Can you feel it?

14 December 2009

One thing I hate about the winter is

It's cold.
It's dark.
Like night time.
But damn you can get some cool photos.

11 December 2009

I have some news...

My photoswap partner Marisa

~by the way, go over and check out her blog,
it's fabulous!
she's fabulous!

you won't regret it!~
had my photos
taken with my plastic fantastic holga

Here is my favourite photo that she posted
and the only photo not taken by me
~Mr B is a great pupil~

I realise that I've been m.i.a lately.
But I've had good reason.
I've been busy

Breathing deeply
Thinking positively

and have been offered a

brand new


and I couldn't be happier!