24 December 2009

This Christmas

I wish you all

I'll be back in 2010!!!

23 December 2009

Just look at what I received...

From my photoswap partner Marisa!
Aren't these photos wonderful?
It's almost as if Marisa knew how much I love
the silhouettes of bare winter trees!
But I hadn't told her that before...

22 December 2009

The last few days I've been living in a winter wonderland

Snow and ice.
Freezing cold.
Hats and gloves and scarves and red noses.
Taking photos from inside the frozen car.
We had to wait a while for it to thaw.

Candles and electric heaters.
Hot water bottles.
Miracle of 34th Street.

Parcels. Presents. Sellotape. Stamps.
Christmassy google.
Well wishes from strangers.

Counting down...
to seeing family, to hugs and laughter
to flying to Holland!!

I think Christmas is almost here!!
Can you feel it?

14 December 2009

One thing I hate about the winter is

It's cold.
It's dark.
Like night time.
But damn you can get some cool photos.

11 December 2009

I have some news...

My photoswap partner Marisa

~by the way, go over and check out her blog,
it's fabulous!
she's fabulous!

you won't regret it!~
had my photos
taken with my plastic fantastic holga

Here is my favourite photo that she posted
and the only photo not taken by me
~Mr B is a great pupil~

I realise that I've been m.i.a lately.
But I've had good reason.
I've been busy

Breathing deeply
Thinking positively

and have been offered a

brand new


and I couldn't be happier!

26 November 2009

Being thankful

We don't celebrate thanksgiving in the UK. I think it's a little bit of a shame.

We could all do with a day celebrating all the things we are thankful for.

Some days it's harder than others to see just how lucky we all are.
Days when our frustrations and gloom take over.
Some days it's so easy! We are buoyed up by our happiness and gratitude.

Let's make the buoyant days happen every day. Let's be thankful every day.

I am thankful for being in love.

I am thankful for the pleasure of reading.

I am thankful for parcels.

I am thankful for friends who make me laugh and brighten my day.

I am thankful for coffee.

I am thankful for Meisha, even though she stratched my hand to shreds last night the little monster.

I am thankful for people who care.

I am thankful for flying.
We will be spending NYE in Amsterdam!

I am thankful for internet shopping.

and I am thankful for my eyes, even though they're not perfect.

24 November 2009


I remember walking across the pebbley tiled footpath through the neatly tended garden
to the house with the octagonal window. Through the green door and across multiple doormats, one soft, one made of wire and bristles, one inside the door. Your shoes can never be too clean you know.

Warm and cosy, never changing.

I remember the kettle sat on the gas hob, the kettle that must have had the loudest whistle in all the world. My mother hated it. I remember the little nook only I could squeeze into, sat on an orange topped stool overlooked by a woolen clown picture I had stitched. It hung proudly bright.
I remember the itchy stiff green sofa with covers clothing the arms where I sat watching the fabeltjeskrant before going to bed. I remember the jade and white stone coaster from my father's trip to India which sat in the middle of the round wooden table. I remember the little china box where pieces of dark diabetic chocolate were hidden. I used to take pieces when no one was looking. I remember the dining room table covered with what seemed to me to be carpet.

Everything always in it's place, but if I messed it all up it didn't matter at all.

I remember the steep steep stairs, they had black plastic edges. A tall brass stand iced with a lacey top greeted me at the top. I remember the wedding photo next to the bed the slanted ceiling overhanging.

I remember her warm hands praying over mine as she put me to bed. She used to say she was my kacheltje {little oven}.

I wish I could go back there again, to Ringalee 95, to her.

20 November 2009

I have some making up to do...

with Mr B.

Apparantely I am a duvet-stealing fiend.

And he is not impressed with this particular skill of mine.

I am sort of impressed with my success. I take getting cold in bed very seriously indeed. And it's nice to win something. I'm not normally the winner in competitions with my husband.

He wins board games. He wins anything involving strength, speed & hand eye coordination. He wins go-karting. He wins tickling matches. He is the better driver. And the better cook (for now!).
But he can not get that duvet from me!!

Meesh. On the sofa. 19/11/09
You can't have it all hey hunny?!
{I will make up for keeping you in the cold, I promise.}

Look at the stars

see how they shine for you

The lovely toothfairy tagged me to photograph a few of my yellow items. I love yellow and was really surprised how little yellow I own. I would have been fine with red! I blame the season... if I'd been tagged in summer I would have had some lovely yellow clothes that are sadly packed away for the next few months.

So here are some yellows from my home:

Layer Cake dvd - watch this if you haven't already. Great British ganster flick.


Books on my shelf.

Frames hanging in my living room.

and finally

yum yum yum marmite on toast is unbeatable.

I'd like to tag Donna, Summer, Red Boots and Court with green!

19 November 2009


through my photos and I came across this one which I love

and I don't think I ever shared with you all...
Introducing U2 at Wembley Stadium, taken with my phone

Over and out.

18 November 2009

Let's kick it



16 November 2009

A winter fog has settled around me

and I'm finding it hard to shift. I'm getting nowhere, nothing's getting done. Where is all my time going?

Last week was cold and bright. I spent too much time out of the house. I had a phone interview. It wasn't successful. I met with friends. My new pixie boots arrived and now I have a raw heel from wearing them solidly. I love them.

At the end of the week the weather changed. Roads flooded, leaves blew inside every time you opened the front door. Meisha loved playing with the cracked leaves and spent a lot of the weekend skidding and batting. I'm still finding leaves now.

I met my father in London. We breakfasted here. We should all use the word breakfasted a lot more often. We battled the wind and rain and saw our favourite and not so favourite paintings at the National Gallery and I saw my namesake.

This weekend I had my weekly dose of dancing, I got hooked on Lady Gaga's new video, Mr B proved he's quite the chef and we watched Public Enemy.

This week I'm going to be better, I'm going to be more motivated and

get. things. done.

I don't like this lazy me.

12 November 2009

Did you know? pt. II

The lovely KS at While we're waiting has bestowed the sugar doll award on me!! Thank you so much!

Now I must share ten things about me.

Did you know?

1. Mr B asked my father's permission to marry me.
He was nervous.
My father was happy to give his permission and Mr B was relieved.
But then my father added that now Mr B had to do the hard part and get me to say yes.
His nerves quickly returned.

2. I am an only child. But I have married into a big family. I now have 3 brothers, 4 sisters
and 7 nieces and nephews.

3. I don't like getting into an unmade bed.

4. Mr B bought me these pillows that I've been lusting after for months.

pillowcases from Lush Designs

5. I used to have a pair of little red pixie boots when I was a child. They had warm fuzzy lining and were slouchy and very 80s. I loved them. I wore them even when my feet couldn't really fit into them any more. I was inconsolable when my mum finally got rid of them.

6. I've bought myself some new slouchy boots! Only these ones are black.
And hopefully I shouldn't grow out of this pair.

7. Mr B and I are going to visit NYC next year!!!
Dates and exact plans to be confirmed.

8. Often, mid-sentance, I'll forget what I'm saying. Completely forget.

9. I believe yoga, mediation and breathing properly can help us more than we realise.


Me in Sharm el Sheikh by Mr B and the Holga

10 November 2009

We went to the original Boston

to celebrate my brother in law's big four oh

It was peaceful, sunny and full of laughter and bubbly.

We wanted to see the seals that apparantely lurk along the Lincolnshire coastline in early November but the only furry creatures we saw were sheep. Not quite as exciting.

We walked.

I snapped.

Others danced.

Molly, my niece, wrapped up warm.

On Saturday evening there were poems, short stories, songs and games.

And Mr B and I lit some sparklers in the midnight air after everyone else had gone to bed. Magical.

Please can we all go back for another weekend away soon?

06 November 2009

Weekly wrap up

This week has been full of bangs, crackles, pops, bright flashes and poor scared animals at home. It was Guy Fawkes night last night. The Meesh and I hunkered down and watched the fireworks from the warmth of the upstairs windows.

This week Mr B has been revising and doing exams for work. It's not been fun. I was demoted and a thick text book and pencil took my place. Needless to say he rocked those exams. And has a few extras letters after his name too.

This week I've been meaning to start An Ordinary Man, but haven't. On that note, please watch Hotel Rwanda if you get the chance.

This week, thanks to Maegan, I've been watching these makeup tutorials and I've splashed out on my favourite MAC lipstick {hug me} and {underage} lipglass.

This week this news article made me cry.......

This weekend we're off to a lovely little cottage by the sea!
I promise lots of photos!

{and I'm taking my Holga containing Marisa's roll of film!!}

04 November 2009

Did you know?

Mr B is one of my most loyal readers.
I get spots, even now, 14 years after I officially became a teenager.
Mr B is horrified I've never even tried a chip butty.
I need to wear glasses or contact lenses to see anything at all.
Mr B used to be the captain of the university football team.
I am always cold.
Mr B always takes my place in bed when I've got up.
I get seriously grouchy when I'm hungry. Mr B will vouch for this one.
When I was little I used to listen to stories on cassette as I was falling asleep.
One of my favourite stories was The Flying Trunk.

Mr B and I. Royal Ascot. June 2007.
You should watch Seven Pounds... what an amazing film.

03 November 2009


I. Love. This.


01 November 2009

Better late than never...

My weekly wrap up

Yes, I'm wearing an apron.

I didn't tell you that in Egypt I got a stinking cold. I was sunbathing next to the pool in one hundred degree heat clutching tissues and ibuprofen. I thought I'd got all my autumn illness out of the way but this week the stinking cold returned. Except this time it was much worse.

So, this week I've~
Been sleeping. Blowing my nose. Coughing. And sneezing. A lot.
Drunk a lot of water.
Cried sad and happy tears over Water for Elephants... if you've not read this book, do, it's amazing.
Started this book.
Been listening to a lot of disco classics.
Had my hair cut shorter than it's ever been before. Mr B isn't keen. My work colleagues like it a lot. What do you think?
Received some faraway post from Court. The Meesh loves my card too!!

27 October 2009

23 October 2009

Wrap Up

This week I've

had a late breakfast of a big latte and even bigger almond croissant
loved London more than I ever have before
travelled over 300 miles for work
been inspired by this lady to try harder with my makeup
decided I don't love London at all anymore
{it took me two and a half hours to drive 15 miles}
started Water for Elephants
watched the West Wing
found out Mr B has a mini man crush on Sam Seaborn
almost finished my giveaway parcel

it's been hectic.
What have you all been up to this week? I'm counting down the minutes until I can nip home, pour myself a glass of wine, paint my fingernails and change into my pjs. Have a lovely weekend everybody!

20 October 2009


This weekend the original Mr and Mrs B came to stay. We don't get to see them often so it was highly anticipated and looked forward to. It didn't disappoint.

We introduced them to Thai food... it was a great success. I ate delicious chicken satay and missed Bali. We visited Hampton Court, the home of Henry VIII, ate meat pie, wondered at the amazing gardens, visited my parents and had afternoon tea at the Grosvenor and paid £30 for the privilege of parking there, oh I do love London prices!!

It was over far too soon.

16 October 2009

It's your lucky day

Seminyak Beach. June 2008.
You're my giveaway winner!
Thank you so much to everyone for taking part.
Happy Friday!!!

13 October 2009

Looking up

I didn't get the job I went for last week. I was upset. I felt knocked.

But then another opportunity came along. I was interviewed. I liked it there. I'm waiting for the outcome.

A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy
photos of the Muhammad Ali Mosque at the Saladin Citadel, Cairo