20 November 2009

Look at the stars

see how they shine for you

The lovely toothfairy tagged me to photograph a few of my yellow items. I love yellow and was really surprised how little yellow I own. I would have been fine with red! I blame the season... if I'd been tagged in summer I would have had some lovely yellow clothes that are sadly packed away for the next few months.

So here are some yellows from my home:

Layer Cake dvd - watch this if you haven't already. Great British ganster flick.


Books on my shelf.

Frames hanging in my living room.

and finally

yum yum yum marmite on toast is unbeatable.

I'd like to tag Donna, Summer, Red Boots and Court with green!


  1. What a fun thing to share! I think it's hilarious that you tagged "Donna" "Summer"... one of my favorite 80's artists!

  2. lovely! Marmite! HEE HEE! My coworker got my loving that stuff! I should take you to Little Britain when you are here. We can have tea at Tea and Sympathy. All English. But, then again, why would you want to do that here in NYC? LOL! So, nevermind.

    Thanks for the tag! Green huh? I AM ON IT!

  3. haha this is such a fun post (:xx

  4. I would love to know what marmite is! I have read all of the shopaholic books and in every one of them they talk about marmite, and I have always wondered what the heck it was.
    Is it similar to jelly?

  5. how fun!

    and i did a doodle of that colplay song if you're interested in checking it out.. http://ohmissyme.blogspot.com/2009/06/coldplay-click-picture-to-listen.html

  6. I don't think I own much green, but I'm sure I can find somethings! Looking forward to this so much! xx