24 May 2010

Short straw

something's not quite right...

23 May 2010


I became Mrs B.
The happiest day.
Full of love and promise.
Our beginning.

19 May 2010

Chasing light

A typical Wednesday morning in the Green.
For the Meesh,
Not for me.

18 May 2010

It was nothing...

that exciting I'm afraid

Taken just over 2 years ago. Seminyak.

I'm most certainly not expecting
any new arrivals
(well, apart from some goodies from MAC that I ordered last week!)

a few of you guessed correctly
I'm taking accutane
it's great
well, it's working
my skin is clearing up
thank goodness
it's tough
worth it but tough

I'll be glad to finish the course
so long as my skin is a-ok of course

12 May 2010

A little quiz

Leicester Square. April 2010.

I am off alchol. Completely.
I have chapped lips. Really chapped.

I am tired.
I have an unquenchable thirst.

I can't sunbathe.

Or take any vitamin a.

I have to have blood tests.

I may be toxic!

I had to sign a waiver form...

Have you guessed what's going on yet?

11 May 2010

I know it's time

to post something
to share my news
when my parents (all 4 of them)
let me know
they come over here and
they don't see anything new.
I think I'm disappointing them.
And you.
And I don't like it.
Mr B and I this weekend at a happy wedding.

We've been working too hard. We've had to talk about balance in our lives. We don't spend much time at home. We don't see much of each other. And we hate that.

One day we'll get it right.

It just might take some time.