31 July 2009


I have become increasingly neglectful. I've neglected blogging, my cameras, my garden, my larder, my car, my washing basket, my husband, my yoga practice, a birthday, taking time, my oven, and even my friends.

Instead I've been spending my time frazzled, irritable and most definitely not inspired. My priorities have been cleaning, moving furniture, moving belongings, perusing takeaway menus, online shopping, breaking my phone, more cleaning, more moving of items, sticking felt pads to all furniture, spray painting and superglueing. I superglued my finger to the superglue bottle last night. Part of the label had to be filed off the tip of my finger. I'm talented like that.

All in all I think I need to get my priorities straight. I feel off-kilter and am desperately excited about the weekend. The weekend where I will get my balance back again. And get my first Holga film sent off to be developed.

Normal service will resume shortly.

I hope you all have wonderful weekends!

30 July 2009

Weekly Word

My colleague and I are obviously not kept interested enough at work. We have started the cockney-rhyming-slang-word-of-the-week. Every week we will pick a word-gem of rhyming slang and we will substitute it in every time we want to say the 'proper' word. I thought I would post these words each week for you!

This week's word is


As in Rosy Lee = cup of tea

Right. I'm off to make a nice cup of rosy now!


22 July 2009

Feathers & Roses

Mr B and I are attending a wedding in one month's time.
I didn't want to buy a new outfit.
So I bought this from VieModerne

Mr B thinks it's weird, but I don't care...
it will cheer up my boring black dress beautifully.
PS What do you think of the new layout??

21 July 2009

In other news

Yes we are still diy-ing
By "we" I obviously mean my good husband

I haven't just sat around doing nothing though... I have acted as a weight, I've carried, made tea, and made coffee, provided lots of witty comments, stuck felt pads onto our furniture and I even cut a piece of underlay. I'm extraordinarily helpful.

In other news
~ I was very very sad to have finished one of the best books I've ever read.
~ I watched Lolita. Jeremy Irons is absolutely compelling even as Humbert.
~ England won the second Ashes test match at Lords! And I was there! Fantastic!
~ Mr B had to do an intensive cricket-refresher-session with me over the weekend to prepare for Lords. I now know what a Michelle is {Michelle Pfeiffer is cockney rhyming slang for "five for"!}
~ I fell from a 17.3 hand chesnut beauty called Rowan in the Great Park! I have a blue elbow and blue knee! Really could have done without that, especially when called upon to co-lift heavy furniture.
~ I met up with friends, had breakfast out, got a little sunshine on my arms and took my new toy out for a play
~ We've decided to go for the green/grey colour!! It didn't come up well in the photo below - in reality it's lovely, neutral and fresh.

Coming soon
More photos (of course) and the results of our home revamp!! I can't wait!

11 July 2009

Sleepy Saturday

~ A couple of photos of the new archway we've had put in downstairs! It is such an improvement! I can't wait to get the walls painted.

And the wooden floor put down.

And the doors and doorframes put in upstairs.

And so on.

And so on.

And one day we'll live in a dust free home.

It will be wonderful.

09 July 2009

Bored? Already?

photo credit: danette marie

I have made an impromptu bargain purchase!

I've bought one of these from Ebay and I'm as excited as can be to receive it through the post! I will be able to take dreamy, random photos like this one! Isn't it wonderful?

This does not mean that I am, in any way, bored by my life-changing Canon 40d already.

It may mean that I have a very slight obsession with all things photography. And a considerable lack of willpower where online shopping is concerned.

07 July 2009


I think we may have the best neighbours in the world. Not only have we never had to cut our front lawn ~our neighbour Bob cuts it for us~ we have never had to put our dustbin out for the binmen ~Bob does this for us too!

Bob is currently on holiday and left us specific instructions to put out the bins last night. When Mr B went outside to move the bins round to the front, no bins were there ~another neighbour had moved our bin, and Bob’s bin round to the front already!

I never want to move…

03 July 2009


Sunday was a most lovely day. We went into London and saw Romeo & Juliet at the Globe. It was absolutely fantastic. I was 14 when Baz Luhrmann's R&J was released so am understandably familiar with most of Shakespeare's script. I must have watched that film 57,923 times! Oh the fish tank scene! Leonardo di Caprio - the 1996 version! Claire Danes' angel outfit! The soundtrack! The stylisation! The stolen first kiss!

Anyway, back to my birthday... after seeing the awesome production we walked in the balmy air through the city to find somewhere nice for dinner.

London was full of happy, colourful people that only ever seem to appear when the sun shines.

I ♥ London

I also ♥ carousels, but I didn't get to ride on this one. We sadly had no change at all.

We're going back into town tomorrow. I will make sure I have £2 with me this time!

Have a wonderful 4th July, all my American readers!

01 July 2009

My TV debut, ofviously

Two weeks ago, when I drove over 900 miles, I attended an event for work. While I was at the event I was interviewed by the BBC! I was filmed! I was on camera! I was asked my valuable opinion of the unemployment situation!

I am not all that comfortable in front of a camera, especially a video camera. I move! And that voice that comes out of the person that I recognise as me! Urgh, do I really sound like that in real life? How does Mr B listen to that voice every day?

So I thought I was bound to be edited out.

And even if I wasn't edited out I would not watch the programme. Then I'd never know if I made it in or not and I could pretend the whole sorry episode never happened.

Until a work colleague sent me a message saying "Saskia, you were on the blah-blah show!!"


Then I made the biggest mistake of all, I told Mr B.

He spent hours last night searching for my tv debut online. And he found it. And watched over and over and over again.

I could hardly bring myself to watch, but out of morbid curiosity I did.

Apparantely I could do with wearing a lot more makeup, especially lipstick, and I say "obviously" too often and very strangely (friends & family, why did you never tell me this?) and I may be booking in for rhinoplasty very soon.

Never again.

So I ate birthday cake for breakfast to help alleviate the stress. It's sort of worked.