01 July 2009

My TV debut, ofviously

Two weeks ago, when I drove over 900 miles, I attended an event for work. While I was at the event I was interviewed by the BBC! I was filmed! I was on camera! I was asked my valuable opinion of the unemployment situation!

I am not all that comfortable in front of a camera, especially a video camera. I move! And that voice that comes out of the person that I recognise as me! Urgh, do I really sound like that in real life? How does Mr B listen to that voice every day?

So I thought I was bound to be edited out.

And even if I wasn't edited out I would not watch the programme. Then I'd never know if I made it in or not and I could pretend the whole sorry episode never happened.

Until a work colleague sent me a message saying "Saskia, you were on the blah-blah show!!"


Then I made the biggest mistake of all, I told Mr B.

He spent hours last night searching for my tv debut online. And he found it. And watched over and over and over again.

I could hardly bring myself to watch, but out of morbid curiosity I did.

Apparantely I could do with wearing a lot more makeup, especially lipstick, and I say "obviously" too often and very strangely (friends & family, why did you never tell me this?) and I may be booking in for rhinoplasty very soon.

Never again.

So I ate birthday cake for breakfast to help alleviate the stress. It's sort of worked.


  1. I'm sure it wasn't as bad as you think!

    Birthday cake for breakfast is always a good idea :D xx

  2. How cool!

    There's nothing like a video camera to make one self-conscious! I am sure it was much better than you think!

  3. I'm sure you did great!

    ps: I say "literally" WAY too much. AND I say it sort of like this: (with my attempt at a British accent added to it)


    I'm sure my friends/family want to tape my mouth shut after awhile!

  4. I bet you looked fantastic! Why do we (women) judge ourselves so harshly? I'm definitely guilty too. Birthday cake for breakfast sound like the perfect pick me up. I guess there is no way for us to get you to post the video on your blog!???

  5. Every one thinks they sound weird in recordings. I have a horrible thing where I talk into the microphone when we play Rock Band just so I can try to tell a difference between my sounds in my head too. Then I'll know which tone is more annoying to use later. LOL!!! I'm sure you did WONDERFUL and you definitely don't need any work. You are gorgeous!!!! XOXO

  6. you are being so hard on yourself. you are a beautiful lady -- inside and out! cake for breakfast = heaven!

  7. You're being hard on yourself -- I bet you looked lovely! And we did keep the table!

  8. Oh no - I bet you did great, but I totally understand what you are saying. We are our own worst critic! I remember once that I really wanted to walk behind a reporter when they were shooting Christmas shopping at the mall once. Then I realized if I got too close they might want to talk to me on camera and that freaked me out so I pretty much avoid those situations when I see them!

  9. You crack me up. I'm sure you were great! I think I may have to look for you now!

  10. I kind of want to see this clip. I hate my voice. I am convinced we don't really sound like our recorded selves. And if we do, well don't tell me and let me live in naivete!!

  11. hilarious commentary. i think everyone hates their voice on tape. we just hear our voice differently through our ears/head than everyone else. btw im sure you looked lovely on tv!

  12. you made me smile...thanks for helping with your hilarious somment! Hard day!

  13. Champagne does wonders too. Ah ha!

  14. Sas, this is SOOO cool!!!! I want to see, pretty please send me the link?? ;) I hope all is well friend, I miss you!