03 July 2009


Sunday was a most lovely day. We went into London and saw Romeo & Juliet at the Globe. It was absolutely fantastic. I was 14 when Baz Luhrmann's R&J was released so am understandably familiar with most of Shakespeare's script. I must have watched that film 57,923 times! Oh the fish tank scene! Leonardo di Caprio - the 1996 version! Claire Danes' angel outfit! The soundtrack! The stylisation! The stolen first kiss!

Anyway, back to my birthday... after seeing the awesome production we walked in the balmy air through the city to find somewhere nice for dinner.

London was full of happy, colourful people that only ever seem to appear when the sun shines.

I ♥ London

I also ♥ carousels, but I didn't get to ride on this one. We sadly had no change at all.

We're going back into town tomorrow. I will make sure I have £2 with me this time!

Have a wonderful 4th July, all my American readers!


  1. I ♥ London too! It's been so beautiful this week with the gorgeous weather.

    I particularly love that photo of St Paul's with the Milennium Bridge. My man and I call it "our" bridge ;)

    Have a great weekend! x

  2. I just love your photos! And I think I too watched the Leo & Claire Romeo & Juliet that many times -- I would watch it saying their lines :)

  3. I'd love to go to the globe.

    Sadly my husband is allergic to all things cultural. So we certainly won't be going together.

  4. Your pics are gorgeous. I'm glad you guys had fun. I also love Baz's Romeo & Juliet. It's fabulous. Have fun this weekend, and thanks for the wishes for the 4th!

  5. What lovely pictures. I can't wait to get there someday!

  6. Thank you for stopping by....and a Happy Belated Birthday to you ♥

    Your images are beautiful...

  7. Lovely pics, as usual my friend! Glad you had a wonderful adventure.

  8. Oh Leo and Claire!!! I can't tell you how many times I watched that movie and I have about half of that soundtrack on my iPod right now. Great tunes!

    Thank you for the 4th of July well wishes! It rained here so the fireworks were canceled. (sadface)

  9. The carousels are so pretty! I've never been to London but now I want to so bad! xx

  10. oh, I loved that version of R&J and even had the fishtank scene poster in my bedroom. Glad it was a happy birthday and thanks for the well wishes of a happy fourth.

  11. ps- RYC: Boy moved out of his place!!! and into a month to month lease and we are looking for a place to live TOGETHER!

  12. I love these photos!!! The one of the carousel is gorgeous!!! I'm glad you had a fabulous birthday and you definitely need to take a spin on that beautiful carousel soon!!! XOXO

  13. loved the photos, and the fact you're dutch, I could tell from your first name! :)
    Have you ever lived in the Netherlands as well?


  14. I love the pic of the people...

    Shiny happy people laughing
    Meet me in the crowd
    People people
    Throw your love around
    Love me love me
    Take it into town
    Happy happy
    Put it in the ground
    Where the flowers grow
    Gold and silver shine

    Hope you had fun on your weekend! Have a nice rest of the week!

  15. London looks absolutely beautiful! I've never been, and hope to make the quick jaunt over from Schiphol this summer! Carousels are so nostalgic, aren't they?! Love them!

  16. gorgeous photos! ...and i agree with absolutely everything you say about romeo and juliet, i stilllisten to that soundtrack - love fool, #1 crush - i could go on forever. great site!