25 October 2008


Early morning in Windsor Great Park

This week I've driven over 750 miles.

I started off the week at work down south, I then drove to Durham.

And back home.

I drove to Southampton.

And back home.

Then I drove into central London.

And back home.

Then I had a normal day in the office yesterday.

I'm tired, really tired, and today I'm doing nothing except

enjoying being at home all day and all night.

19 October 2008

Beer & Bikes

Last weekend Mr B & I were in Holland. After arriving at Schiphol we spent the afternoon in Amsterdam. We walked all over the city centre, making sure we stopped at our favourite haunts, like banket bakkerij Lanskroon (I initially wrote 'blanket bakkerij'. Hmmm, I must have warm, cosy things on the brain).

and the Begijnhof - the most tranquil place right in the centre of Amsterdam which Mr B had never visited before

We walked through the antique quarter (a grumpy man didn't like my large shoulder bag in his shop and kindly told me "mevrouw, your bag is dangerous"

mevrouw !!!

Since when did I become a madam instead of a madamoiselle??

With the girls we visited the beach at Zandvoort. There were loads of kite-surfers doing fantastic lifts out of the water.

We spent time in Zutphen, Ellecom and Arhem and walked through the beautiful Sonsbeek park with Henny & Willem. We ate at a wonderful restaurant in Zutphen - here's the link (this is for you Mama!) http://www.gastenhuysdeklok.nl/www/index.html

Best of all I loved spending time with Mr B

Hopefully it won't be as long a wait until our next visit to Nederland. We both love it and our family there.

18 October 2008

I've not forgotten

Sorry I've not written here for a while, Mr B & I were off gallivanting in Holland. We had a fantastic time. Today I have had all my recent film prints put onto cd so be warned, I'll be posting LOTS of photos!

This is how Mr B is becoming used to seeing me...

03 October 2008

Flying high in a friendly sky

Today I discovered the manual function on my digital camera,so I've been busy trying it out (like the good photography student that I am). I have taken photos of a few of my favourite things...

Meisha who was not impressed with my snap-happy evening.

Red leaves outside my front window. Leaves were flying high in the friendly sky.

My lovely garden that Mr B works so hard on

Roses, just because ...

02 October 2008

Heerlijk Hollandse

I'm almost out of speculaas.

We're not going to Holland until Thursday.

I don't think I can wait that long to eat any so I've found a speculaas recipe and this weekend I will try out our never-used windmill mould! I think it's best if I attempt this when Mr B is out at work on Saturday - I normally get extremely fractious when baking. You never know, if my speculaasjes turn out well you may all be getting speculaas for your Christmas presents... heerlijk!

01 October 2008


While I have read blogs for a while now, I've never felt inspired to start one myself. Now with the nights drawing in, heating almost on and headlights definitely on when driving home from work (boo) I thought I would like to start. Here's to the beginning.