16 November 2009

A winter fog has settled around me

and I'm finding it hard to shift. I'm getting nowhere, nothing's getting done. Where is all my time going?

Last week was cold and bright. I spent too much time out of the house. I had a phone interview. It wasn't successful. I met with friends. My new pixie boots arrived and now I have a raw heel from wearing them solidly. I love them.

At the end of the week the weather changed. Roads flooded, leaves blew inside every time you opened the front door. Meisha loved playing with the cracked leaves and spent a lot of the weekend skidding and batting. I'm still finding leaves now.

I met my father in London. We breakfasted here. We should all use the word breakfasted a lot more often. We battled the wind and rain and saw our favourite and not so favourite paintings at the National Gallery and I saw my namesake.

This weekend I had my weekly dose of dancing, I got hooked on Lady Gaga's new video, Mr B proved he's quite the chef and we watched Public Enemy.

This week I'm going to be better, I'm going to be more motivated and

get. things. done.

I don't like this lazy me.


  1. but being lazy is just so much fun:) your week/weekend sounded lovely, especially meisha batting the leaves:)

  2. I always feel that way once the weather gets colder. Your weekend sounds great, we watched Public Enemies too!

  3. i've had exactly the same kind of week - i should have been revising for exams but couldn't resist doing anything and everything else.
    desperately seeking some motivation to sit up to my desk and study.........
    hope you manage to find your motivation too!

  4. i know exactly what you mean. the lazy janis seems to be making a permanent appearance as opposed to the temporary one i hoped for.

    i did absolutely no homework yesterday...so i forced myself to stay up late and finish my french lit novel that i needed to finish like two weeks ago....

    this week HAS to be better. i have so much due!

    ps. i love that you're named after rembrandt's wife. it's such a pretty name!

  5. Oh I know lazy. It's hard to be motivated when you're looking for job. Thankfully I have my lessons to keep me occupied but this next level isn't as intensive and I do all the work on the train home so I don't feel very motivated to do anything extra at night!

    I blame the weather :)

  6. i know this feeling well and am determined to get motivated as well... love the word breakfasted *must use* more often.

    ps on another note: i am finished with my roll of film and will be dropping it in the post before the week is out. Only my second roll with my new Holga... hope it does not disappoint. I shoot digital in my everyday life so this will be a change.

  7. I guess it's been a lazy week for everyone last week. Your favorite painting looked barely done but it was striking still. Have a good day. :)

  8. i swear i am in the same funk as you. its the cold weather i tell you.

    what did you and mr. b think of public enemy? interesting no?

    and i looove lady gaga. can't get enough of that crazy lady.

    hope things snap back for you soon! much love.

  9. Sometimes laziness is a good thing! Try to enjoy, and hopefully things pick up for you soon!

  10. Oh I've had a week like that too! It seemed like I was constantly doing something, yet nothing ever got accomplished....Strange how some weeks are like that, isn't it?

    I love how you used the word "breakfasted". I am going to use that the next time I "breakfast" with someone...

    Here's to a new week full of productivity!

  11. Winter has got me in a fog too. All I want to do is curl up on the couch with a warm blanket and a bunch of movies.

    Too bad we have to be grown ups and go to work!

  12. it doesn't seem lazy at all! i love the national gallery--- there is great art to be had, for all :)
    have a good week!!

  13. I have that same problem. I have no idea where the time goes and how I managed to get nothing done.

  14. Can I join your motivated party. I've got a million and one things I've been wanting to work on and have felt so lethargic lately. I'm hoping this weekend with my bestie was just what I needed to get going!

  15. I feel exactly the same! The colder it is, the more you just want to stay in and do nothing...too bad it's the start of major work in school...

  16. I KNOW! I was so ill on Sunday and then I woke up and it was 5 pm. Well, I take that back. I woke up at 6 am and went for bloods and u/s and then back home and then off to brunch and then back home and sleepy time. So, at 5 PM, I got up and finally cleaned out the closet!

    I loved your email and I need to reply back to it.


  17. It sounds like your "being lazy" was actually quite productive. But then I guess you're being lazy this week, not last week! Here's to you being more productive, although, there's nothing wrong with lounging around every once in a while!

  18. Sounds like you're being pretty productive to ME. I on the other hand have been so busy blogging that I've put the rest of my life on hold-- aside from the occasional event or going out to see friends. Argh. I need a secretary. A social secretary, I think ;)

    BTW, I am obsessed with Gaga, too.

  19. I feel that way too...like I keep waiting and waiting for my energy to return and to become motivated to do SOMETHING productive. Then, whaddya know, too much time has passed. Your weekend sounds so splendid though, no wonder you're in a fog. Happy Monday!!

  20. Season changes are the WORST...except spring to summer - that one I can deal with.
    Lady Gaga is totally the best, isn't she?
    There is absolutely nothing she can do that I won't love.
    Marvelous sounding weekend, such a lovely dreamy photo too. :)

  21. This is the weekend you will remember! Not the list! The lazy days~ Sounds like a lovely weekend.

  22. your allowed to be lazy in the winter!! that's the way it's supposed to be!

  23. That is the first Lady Gaga video I've watched, and I can see how you would get addicted to it. Ahhh, to be some comfy in your own skin and to be able to dance like that.... yes, I could get used to that!

    So glad you got to hang out with your dad for breakfast and the art tour... totally lovely.

    Enjoy what time you do have to be unmotivated and lazy, my friend. I'm sure in no time you'll be so swamped that you'll dreaming of these days! : )

  24. I'm loving the word breakfasted, I vow to use it at least once this week!

    Sorry about the phone interview, I'm learning (sadly) that we can't win them all!

  25. Um Saskia...that is a great picture!!!