04 November 2009

Did you know?

Mr B is one of my most loyal readers.
I get spots, even now, 14 years after I officially became a teenager.
Mr B is horrified I've never even tried a chip butty.
I need to wear glasses or contact lenses to see anything at all.
Mr B used to be the captain of the university football team.
I am always cold.
Mr B always takes my place in bed when I've got up.
I get seriously grouchy when I'm hungry. Mr B will vouch for this one.
When I was little I used to listen to stories on cassette as I was falling asleep.
One of my favourite stories was The Flying Trunk.

Mr B and I. Royal Ascot. June 2007.
You should watch Seven Pounds... what an amazing film.


  1. you have never had a chip butty?! You haven't lived :) I highly recommend one with chip shop curry sauce... yum!

    I used to love listening to stories on cassette when I went to bed - I always had to listen to the whole thing though so I ended up staying awake whilst my sister fell asleep straight away, oops

  2. What a great post! I love learning more about you and Mr. B! And as always, thanks for expanding my vocabulary and my knowledge base... a chip butty is totally new to me. Sounds delish!

  3. I love this list!! (Oh, and I always take Mr. Mans place in bed when he wakes up in the morning!)

    PS: I too, did not know the term chip butty, but now that I am informed, I think it is genius. haha!

  4. how adorable ar you two?

    i used to listen to stories on my strawberry shortcake record player... Puff the Magic Dragon was my favorite.

    wish i knew what a chip butty is...

  5. I love this photo....Mr. B's grin and your hat = awesome

    PS: Katie Jean eats 'chip buddies' when we go to McDonalds. "Can I have a cheese burger with NO MEAT and a small order of fries???" She then loads the "burger" with her fries and LOVES IT!

  6. I remember boyfriend forcing me to watch seven pounds...I hate tragic endings.. oh the hat! I love hats and fascinators! A LOT!

  7. Okay...what is Chip Butty? I need to watch 7 Pounds. It's on my list of movies to watch before 2010.

    Love the photo!!! Looks like a scene out of a movie. :) XOXO

  8. I love the name! love it! Chip Butty. I love adding chips or fries to my sammie. YUM.

    I think you are so beautiful. You in the hat, to die for! Also, Mr. B is a silly one! Cutie pie!

    Love you and hope work is going well.


  9. Great post! Happy you are now feeling better!

  10. Chip butties are THE BEST! The only time I eat white bread is for a chip or bacon butty. Bacon butties and HP sauce are also amazing. Mmmmm!

  11. Oh, Seven Pounds was such a great film. I love it so much, and shed many tears. The film stayed in my thoughts for many days. Good recommendation.

    Also, very adorable photo. I didn't know normal people took such adorable photos!

  12. That Chip Butty looks so gross! I bet my husband would love it.

  13. I get horribly grouchy too when hungry and my Mr. K isn't very tender with me at that point....saying I should have eaten something. And I'm guessing 'spots' are pimples...? I still get them too. :(

    Fun post!

  14. Just found your lovely blog :)

    I do want to see that movie as well...

    xo Laura

  15. You two look amazing! I had to click on chip butty because I had Nooo idea what it was. I've never had one either. Hope all is well with you two this week!

  16. What a great post darling! You can tell to your Mr B that I've never tried a chip butty!

    How are you? I hope you are well now!

  17. OKAY..I've NEVER tried a chip butty! you two look adorable! I sure wish we could wear hats like that everyday! (: xoxo

  18. How adorable are the two of you?! I've never tried a chip butty either... and from the wikipedia of it I won't :)

  19. such a beautiful picture of you and mr b!!

  20. Cute little photo!!

    No chip butties for me either...I like chips on their own too much :)


  21. you guys are so cute! i totally get grumpy when i'm hungry...

  22. Ahh cassette tapes. That takes me back :-)