19 April 2010

Spring renews

Windsor Great Park, April 2010

Spring is life
Spring is hope
So is love and
Spring renews.
Without spring,
life is forlorn.
Spring is nostalgia
after bitter storm.
Put spring in your heart

~ Archie Greenidge

03 April 2010

What have I been up to these past few weeks?

Well lots of work for one thing.
reading the twilight series, finally
getting my hair cut, short for me
eating creme eggs, annually
cleaning & tidying & painting, purposefully
putting our little house on the market, scarily
looking at bigger houses in another town, excitingly,
trying to get rid of horrid adult acne that took over my face, horribly
researching and buying new skin products, hopefully
having this photo shown at the Royal Academy of Arts,

I'm not kidding!!!!
I'm off to see it tomorrow, and I'm bursting!
I will take a photo of my photo.
Is that sad?!
Happy Easter everyone.