03 November 2008

I'm an auntie

This weekend was filled with family visiting from The North. On Friday I rushed out of the office as soon as I could to be with Mr B, our sister & her boys (marrying Mr B has given me newphews!) We had a lovely meal together. We visited Legoland in the most horrid weather on Saturday. I felt so unwell from the cold, rain and wind that I ended up watching the spectacular fireworks from the comfort of the car, sniff, sniff. Saturday evening was spent thawing and drying out. Even with the terrible weather I had a truly wonderful weekend. Why does nice time always fly past so quickly?

I was very excited to discover a Rituals store in the UK, as Mr B & I walked through St Pancreas station. I just had to buy a few bits. We also discovered a big Ed's Diner - I haven't seen Mr B as excited for a long time. Ed's is one of our favourite places in London - it's a tiny, fabulous Soho diner with 60's dukebox, fabulous burgers, bottles of Bud and chips that are to-die for.
There's a massive Ed's in Picadilly that we never knew about. I hope we will be able to try it out in the next few weeks.

I have ordered 2 of these today and I can't wait to start trying them out! I'm going to attempt cleaning my camera in preparation...

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