27 November 2008

Zoom Zoom

This little guy is a regular visitor to the Bs house. Meisha the cat goes crazy when he arrives in our garden. She yowls like you’ve never heard a cat yowl before. She runs up the stairs and madly dashes to our bedroom windowsill for a birds-eye view. A few seconds later she decides that won’t do and races downstairs to our living room windows to see the squirrel closer-up. Then she gets fed up again and the cycle continues… with lots of yowling in between the mad running. I’m quietly relieved she’s an indoor cat as I’d hate to see how the Meisha vs. squirrel fight would turn out.

I wonder how often Meisha dashes about while Mr B & I are out at work? I’d love to rig up a Meisha-cam and see what she gets up to when we’re out. Perhaps when the humans are away the cat will play… or perhaps she just snoozes?

These photos were taken with my new 135mm lens while I stood all the way away in our living room. Isn’t it fantastic?

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