19 August 2009


I am getting prepared for our upcoming jaunt to Egypt.
So far I've purchased
~ Jungle formula extra strength
~Anthisan antihistamine cream. Have I ever told you about my fame in the mosquito world? No? They come from miles around just for me! It's wonderful and very flattering.
~ Various medicines used for changes in diet in hot countries. I think that's a pleasant way of putting it.
~Four different bottles of Piz Buin. Best sun cream in the world.
~ Two sets of snorkel fins
~ Two clear snorkel masks. My snorkel mask will be the one item I wear almost constantly on holiday. Even when we visit the pyramids.
~ One snorkel pipe for Mr B. He is apparently going to practice breathing through the pipe in the bath. I don't like using a snorkel pipe. I never save enough breath to blow the water out of it and end up choking.
~ Some new sandals.
~ And a new sundress.
~ 2 prints from Etsy for my house. These are ever so important for our holiday.
~ Tonight I'm getting my tangled birds nest hair cut so that I have at least a slim chance of managing to comb through it after hours in the Red Sea.
~ I still need to purchase a disposable underwater camera to capture all those nemos.
What else do I need?


  1. I am terribly jealous, I'm dying to go to Egypt! Cannot wait to see your pics!

  2. that sounds amazing. mosquitos loooove me too, not to steal the spotlight ;)
    you need to bring snacks :)

  3. I am very jealous too! Sounds like you're going to have an incredible time. BTW, new reader to your blog, I hear good things :)

  4. Saskia,

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday. It sounds like it is going to be so. And, thank you for your prayers and well wishes and for being such a great blog supporter. I always look forward to hearing from you!

    I think the only other thing you might need is a good book! I love to read while on vacation.


  5. how about a cute beach bag to bring to put all of your sunscreen and underwater camera, towels, etc in=) i cracked up at your mosquito description, they love me too!! i can't wait to hear all about your trip and see pics of course! oh and how about hair ties or clips to keep your hair back while your under water so it doesn't get in the way of the views and camera shots=)!

  6. So exciting! I want to see the pyramids in a fierce way but I'm not sure we'll ever pull the trigger.

  7. agree!...you totally needed those two new prints. I don't feel comfortable leaving the house for vacation unless everything it in tip top shape!

    I'm so excited for you two!!!! It's going to be awesome!

  8. New Etsy prints, eh ?

    For your holiday, eh ?

    Is that from your bank account then Mrs B ?

    Mr B.

  9. I can't wait to see pictures! I'm super jealous...

  10. I've been to Egypt once. I was 3 years old and my family was detained in the airport for three days because, I honestly don't know why. It wasn't a pleasant experience. I hope you two have a fantastic time! Take lots of photos for us!

  11. I'm so jealous! Egypt?! What a fun trip. Can't wait for the pics!

  12. What a beautiful photo! And your vacation sounds amazing! I can't wait to see your pics and here more about your adventures!

  13. The haircut is totally a good call--when I went to Africa I wanted nothing more than to be done with my bangs, and a manageable length. Wasting time on hair dryers while you're in Africa is just not right. Have fun!

  14. Sounds like it's going to be a wonderful trip!

    By the way I moved my photoblog to

  15. Mosquitos love me too, I can sit outside for hours and get bitten all over, and my boyfriend won't get anything! I suppose it's flattering..haha!

    Have an amazing time in Egypt, I can't wait to see all of your photography! I've never been, but I assume there are going to be some amaaaazing photo ops!

  16. Egypt?! I am def. jealous. I sure do hope that you take loads of pictures and post them up because I will be very much looking forward to seeing them. Best of luck on your trip and I hope you & Mr. B have a lot of fun!

  17. Yay! I am so excited for you. I have only been to Luxor and I thought it was fabulous. I don't know if you'll be in Luxor at all, but I have some tips about Egypt on my personal blog (not the one you usually visit) - http://sendingpostcards.wordpress.com/tag/egypt/

    I think some of the scams are pretty prevalent all over Egypt - but it's really easy to enjoy yourself as long as you know what they're up to and avoid some sketchy situations! Have fun & be safe!

    {P.S. I am terribly jealous that you have seen Ricky Gervais live - I love him!}

  18. I would love to go to Egypt some day!!! I hope you have a fabulous time and take TONS of photos!!! XOXO

  19. Oh your trip is going to be amazing! I'm jealous!

    Can't wait to see pics!

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