20 August 2009

Rest Assured...

...they were purchased with my own money from my very own bank account Mr B!

All that hard work done by you to make our house even lovelier needs some adornment don't you think? And I couldn't possibly pass up a print like this.

from etsy store dazeychic


  1. haha! that is so funny! Cute print!

  2. hilarious!...sounds like something Stone would say to me.

    sidenote: UM...I might have to be a copy cat and purchase that print for my home. LOVE IT!

  3. I just love that print!

    I hope the job search starts to look up for you soon -- it's just so frustrating! I've found that people just want resumes emailed and "NO PHONE CALLS" or it is just online so it's like there is no way to follow up or sell youself to them! EHHHHH!

  4. love it! And I heart dazeychic and that quote. In fact it is on my sidebar on my blog! I might need to get it for my bedroom. Nice idea.

  5. That seriously made me laugh yesterday! I'm glad you got the print. It's adorable! Plus, it will remind Mr. B how much inlove you are with him!

  6. So funny, so something my husband would say too :) Love the print! I agree, it was a must!