15 April 2009


It's mid-afternoon in a quiet office. Everyone is diligently working hard. The phone rings.
Saskia: Good afternoon anonymous-company
Random client: Hi. Please could I speak to Patrick?
Saskia: Of course. Please can I take your name and where you're calling from?
Random client: Sure. It's James from another-anonymous-company.
Saskia: Thanks, I'll just transfer you.

Saskia transfers call and hangs up.

A few minutes pass and Patrick comes up to my desk.

Patrick: James would like to take you out on a blind date.
Saskia: Huh?
Patrick: It was the first thing he said to me. He liked the sound of your voice. A lot.
Saskia: Oh. Right.... Seriously?
Patrick: Yes.

Patrick exits stage right. Saskia wonders what Patrick's response to James was. She thinks she should have asked Patrick if he'd told weird-James she was married.

Saskia texts her husband "I just got asked out on a blind date, ha!" Soon after, her husband calls.
Husband (sounding shouty): What?? What do you mean?
Saskia explains.
Husband: What a pr**k.


  1. Too funny. But such a nice compliment! Good thing Mr. B feels so protective!

  2. mr. b's feathers got a little fluffed up!!! haha! super duper nice compliment! now, let's hear that voice!

  3. ahahahah -- Funny stuff -- At least there was a little excitement for hump day! :)

  4. haha I just laughed out loud a few people looked at me crazy. So funny!

  5. Your hubby's response cracked me up! Sounds like something my hubby would say. I guess hearing, "Well, your voice is very sexy...I can see why he would be intrigued." might have been a more flattering response to you, but please send him our thanks for the entertainment. I see lots of other people enjoyed it, too!

  6. haha, that's hilarious!! congrats on the compliment for your super cute phone voice=)!

  7. that is awesome!! i think that is what my FI would have said (shouted!) too if i had texted that...haha.

  8. Always great to have reminders that your still HOT even when your married :)

  9. haha so classic of your husband to call right after that text!

  10. HAHAHAHA - Mr. B is hilarious, and it is so nice to have two boys all in a tizzy over you once in a while :) xo!

  11. Love the Mr. B got a little jealous of the situation. It's always nice to hear that!! XOXO

  12. Love that your husband was straight on the phone. Bless!

  13. That is hilarious! :) And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

    xo, Nina

  14. I am just now catching up on blogs, but this is hilarious! Who asks someone on a blind date by the sound of their voice? But, that must mean you have a nice voice! :-)