02 April 2009


My discount DVF dress has arrived!! The horrid black plastic it came wrapped in has left dirty black grey smears all over my previously bright white top, but I don’t care a jot. My Mondrianesque dress is here!! Let me tell you, curbing my spending this year has been difficult and boring, but my miserliness has been worth it – I’m so ridiculously excited now!!

In other early-April news, my hair appointment last night didn’t happen so I went home after my wasted journey and huffed and puffed to Mr B about how annoyed I was. Over and over again. He suggested we went to the pub. I think he needed something alcoholic to put up with my nattering. I’m getting my haircut tonight instead and I can’t wait to look shiny and new tomorrow. I am pondering whether to get my hair chopped into a long-bob (as exhibited by Heidi Klum recently) but I would like to hear Enzo-the-hairdresser’s opinion before cutting off most of my long hair.

What are your thoughts? You have only one and a half hours to let me know before it may be too late!


  1. AAAHHH!!! it would take me like 2 years to grow my hair out, so cutting it all off would be like committing murder :)

    BUT: if you need a new, fresh, inspiring look... go for it -- and maybe even get bangs!

  2. Based on my experience, I always regret cutting my hair after spending so much time growing it out! But let us know what you decide!

  3. Go for it! because hey, it'll always grow back!

    Or, maybe a fresh cut that's a compromise between short and long?

    Be sure to post pics! You'll look great no matter what you decide!

  4. I want to see pics of both the dress and your hair. I won't give you my opinion since I'm too late either way ~ LOL!!! Hope you had a better night tonight. XOXO

  5. HI! i wanted to stop by and say thanks for helping me get to my comment quota:) i too had the same dilemma with my hair about a month ago. i had hair down my back to my bum, and wanted a long bob. i chickened out in the end and went with a bit longer, but i love it! i say go for it, hair grows back anyway!