05 May 2009

Not this weekend but the one before

Mr B and I visited our family in Yorkshire. We

  • Wandered round Saltaire
  • Visited the David Hockney exhibition in Salts Mill
  • Drank tea
  • Drank prosecco
  • Spent an evening outside round the fire
  • Went bowling. Mr B and his competitive streak won.
  • Walked to Marsden along the canal
  • Chatted
  • Stroked Tess the lurcher

It was wonderful.


  1. Sounds and looks wonderful indeedie! :D

  2. You and your wonderful weekends!...so jealous

    love the pics!

  3. great photos. everything sounds lovely. i am a little jealous. i want to catch up with my family too. and i love prosecco!

  4. sounds so perfect.
    ps, have I mentioned how much i love your photos (I know I have!, I hope I have).

    once i get my own home, I am seriously commissioning you for something!

  5. your photos make my desire to visit england stronger every time i see one!!!

  6. i just got my final itinerary in the mail, so ill look over this weekend and let you know exactly when I'll be there! It would be fantastic if we crossed paths!