21 May 2009

Tig (just for you Mr B)

While all the children in the playground at my school (and in most other playgrounds I believe) played tag, Mr B played tig. Yup, the kids in his playground were 'tigged' not 'tagged'. How weird is that? Is he the only person in the world who played tig? I think he might be!
Well, I've been tigged!! Twice!!

Wonderful Ms.Salti has passed on the Adorable Award and lovely Summer has passed me the awe-summ award!!
the awe-summ rules are:
*list 7 things that make you awe-summm! *pass it on to 7 bloggers who are awe-summm! *be sure to tag your awe-summm bloggers to let them know! *then link back to the lady that tagged you.

the 7 things that make me awe-summm are:

1. i am caring
2. i am strong
3. i can speak two languages
4. my husband & my family
5. i can mix
6. i play the piano
7. i have taken photos like this with my antique camera

I am tigging these awesome pals...

Naturally Caffeinated Family
Bama Belle


  1. =) "tig" probably came around b/c a kid couldn't pronounce "tag" and everyone just adopted it.

    ps- how is your eye?
    pps-when do you leave?

  2. you are awesome in so many ways more than one!

  3. congrats on the fun awards, i love your list!! and i always love seeing your photography=) thank you sooo much for the tigs=)!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you for the "tig" little lady!!!

    Are you gearing up for Venice? Have TONS-O-FUN!!!

  5. yay! congrats on both of your awards sweet girl!!

  6. Thank you for the award!! And you totally are AWESOME!!! XOXO