09 June 2009

Changes are afoot

Does coming home from a holiday cause anyone else to make changes? Since coming home from Venice I've

cleared out drawers and cupboards
worked in our garden
wanted to start the day with a wonderful italian cappucino but our coffee machine decided to scupper my plan and broke down
read more
watched tv less
stopped using dermalogica and
started using dr hauscha

As you can see I've made a few little changes here on my blog too. I thought that this simpler design would help highlight my photos more. What do you think?

And last night I forced myself through my nauseous nerves and attended a photographic society meeting. I was terrified beforehand. I hate going into a group of people I don't know. But I'm so glad I made myself attend! The society had organised a speaker... this gentleman... the most well-known press photographer in the UK! He was a wonderfully interesting man and I enjoyed over 2 hours of his anecdotes about Frank Sinatra, the Queen, Princess Di and John Wayne among others and got to see some incredibly iconic photos. It was ever so inspiring. And the people were friendly too!

Make a change and try something new this week... I highly recommend it!


  1. yay! for changes. I had all intentions of getting up early this morning so I could eat breakfast and take a walk -- I did get breakfast in so that's a start :)

  2. love the new layout.
    looks great, I am all about change these days.

  3. how wonderful! I definitely need to make some changes ...although I"m usually depressed after a great vacation ...to come home to my real life.

  4. Good for you, I'm glad you're shaking things up a bit! I do like the new look. It helps the photos to stand out!

  5. Changes are good! I love making changes with each new season too :) I'm glad you enjoyed the meeting!

  6. Love the new look!

    I always feel a bit like I need another vacation when I get back from vacation. ha! There is always so much to do while in another city!

    Stone and I lounged around the house last night with the windows open, the fans blowing and no TV...it was calming.

  7. I like the changes to your site... I think minimalism can be wonderful, especially when trying to accent your photography.

    Will trying a new lipstick & gloss count for trying something new??? If so, I'm right on target! Just picked up some new MAC goodies on my lunch break today!

  8. I like to unpack as soon as I get home which then leads to organizing which leads to rearranging furniture...it's never ending with me.

    The blogs looks great!

  9. Love the new look and really love the new profile photo!!!

    I am the same way. I have to clean and organize when I get back. I think it's because we need to get back into our routines. :)


  10. Love the new look, and your header is gorgeous! :)

  11. LOVING your new page! The profile pic is very surreal :)

    I GOT YOUR PACKAGE YESTERDAY! My husband opened it (we're close like that, ha!) -- How did you know I'd love those bath soakers! YAY! The earrings are simply gorgeous, what a fantastic color! THANK YOU!!! It's so fun to get mail... but from overseas! How great! :) It totally made my day...

  12. love the new pic!
    i cleaned out my closet and dresser after vacy too!

    glad you liked the meeting so much.