26 June 2009

Summer Tag

Summer tagged me to tell you ten things about me you may not know... what a fantastic way to spend the last hour in the office on a Friday!

1. I ♥ Missy Elliot
2. As Summer wants to go on SYTYCD, I dream about going on Strictly Come Dancing. But I'd have to be famous first...
3. It's my birthday on Sunday!!!!!
4. I went to an all girls private school. It was not similar to Malory Towers, much to my dismay.
5. I would love to do a parachute jump one day
6. I am an only child (I'm not sure if you guys know that already!)
7. I let beg Mr B cook almost every night
8. I have never ever taken drugs or smoked a cigarette
9. I watch 90210. Mr B is embarrassed on my behalf.
10. I ♥ Elie Saab


  1. I'm totally with you on #8 -- the after school specials worked great on me! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  2. I'm an only child too! Sadly, I have smoked a cigarette, but have never touched drugs!

  3. I love Missy Elliot too and I'm all for parachute fun. We should go together!!! XOXO

    P.S. You are so beautiful!!!

  4. oh i love 90210!! my hubs begrudgingly has to watch it with me and hates it!!

  5. Nothing wrong with a little 90210!

  6. you are the most adorable ever. hee hee. i love the play on words!

    i need to get frames tomorrow and then i will post your beautiful works of art on the bloggy blog blog!


  7. Happy birthday to you, my friend! Enjoy! My hubby shares your fondness for parachute jumping, but I'm afraid of heights! I'm confident I would have to be pushed from the plane with a good friend waiting for me on the landing pad with a fresh change of undies for me. How pretty would that be?

    Enjoy your weekend! I hope it is full of celebration and excitement!