24 June 2009

Neeouw. Neeouw. Neeee-ouuwwwww.

That's all we heard, all weekend, through the earplugs wedged firmly into our ears. Neeeouuwwwww. My goodness those f1 cars are fast. Faster in real life than they seem on tv (and on tv they seem pretty darn fast)! We ate sausage buttys and fish&chips from the chippie, we enjoyed the fresh air, we invented a funny sign language while wearing our earplugs and Mr B taught me all there is to know about formula 1.

Well... almost!

The coolest man there! Sorry Mr B, but he just pipped you to the title.

The Red Arrows. They were spectacular. Don't tell anyone, but they were my favourite part of the weekend!

There's Lewis Hamilton! And he's waving and smiling right at me!

I hope he gets the best car there is next year...


  1. I'm a Formula 1 fan, too. Not that I've ever actually watched a live race, but that would be pretty cool. Glad you guys had a great time!

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast! And your photos are great, like always. The Red Arrows look awesome, I'm glad you got a pic!

  3. How fun! I've gone to NASCAR races since I was 5, I love racing -- they have the St. Pete Grand Prix near us every year and I've been wanting to go. And that guy looks way fun!

  4. Those F1 cars are so much louder than Indy cars, it's crazy! Or maybe it's just that they make a higher pitched noise? Who knows!

    I'm glad you had a good time!!!

    ps: I alwasy get choked up when the fighter jets fly over an event...it's so neat!

    pps: What don't I get choked up about? GEEZ!

  5. beautiful photos, i really like the one of the man with the beard.