29 June 2009

Yesterday I turned 27...

and we enjoyed ourselves in probably our most favourite place in all the world
I'll tell you all about it soon, I promise!

28 June 2009


Happy birthday to me!

26 June 2009

Summer Tag

Summer tagged me to tell you ten things about me you may not know... what a fantastic way to spend the last hour in the office on a Friday!

1. I ♥ Missy Elliot
2. As Summer wants to go on SYTYCD, I dream about going on Strictly Come Dancing. But I'd have to be famous first...
3. It's my birthday on Sunday!!!!!
4. I went to an all girls private school. It was not similar to Malory Towers, much to my dismay.
5. I would love to do a parachute jump one day
6. I am an only child (I'm not sure if you guys know that already!)
7. I let beg Mr B cook almost every night
8. I have never ever taken drugs or smoked a cigarette
9. I watch 90210. Mr B is embarrassed on my behalf.
10. I ♥ Elie Saab

25 June 2009


This lovely lady has inspired me to purchase something for our holiday in Egypt later this year....

I just couldn't resist!

24 June 2009

Neeouw. Neeouw. Neeee-ouuwwwww.

That's all we heard, all weekend, through the earplugs wedged firmly into our ears. Neeeouuwwwww. My goodness those f1 cars are fast. Faster in real life than they seem on tv (and on tv they seem pretty darn fast)! We ate sausage buttys and fish&chips from the chippie, we enjoyed the fresh air, we invented a funny sign language while wearing our earplugs and Mr B taught me all there is to know about formula 1.

Well... almost!

The coolest man there! Sorry Mr B, but he just pipped you to the title.

The Red Arrows. They were spectacular. Don't tell anyone, but they were my favourite part of the weekend!

There's Lewis Hamilton! And he's waving and smiling right at me!

I hope he gets the best car there is next year...

19 June 2009


The Meesh and I wait impatiently each evening for Mr B to return home. Her concentration never falters as she watches from her spot on the sil. I think you can see how much she sits there from the delightful moist-noise-smears on the window.

She waits in this spot for me to return home too. As I turn into our driveway I always spy her little face watching me.

This week I've been here there and everywhere for work. I've driven over 900 miles. While I was in Bristol I saw Banksy versus Bristol Museum. He is cynical. He is clever. He is awesome.

I was thrilled to come home tonight ~to a fresh cappucino (our machine is all fixed now!!) ~to lounging in comfy tracksuit bottoms snuggled up to my union jack cushion ~to brand new feather pillows for our bed ~to not having to go into the office until Monday ~to going to Silverstone this weekend to see the Grand Prix!! Oh my word it's going to be loud!

16 June 2009

Oh my gosh...

it's warm here!!

Mr B and I have been spending every minute that we can spare outside, in the sun.
This weekend I watched Shakespeare under the stars. This weekend I lay by the canal chatting with my mother {oooh, by the way Mama, when are you going to write another installment of your story? My readers and I are missing you!} This weekend I went horseriding ~fast~ through meadows and woods. This weekend I enjoyed an authentic South African braai with best friends and this little fellow

I'm counting down until the next one... let's hope this gorgeous weather stays!

09 June 2009

Changes are afoot

Does coming home from a holiday cause anyone else to make changes? Since coming home from Venice I've

cleared out drawers and cupboards
worked in our garden
wanted to start the day with a wonderful italian cappucino but our coffee machine decided to scupper my plan and broke down
read more
watched tv less
stopped using dermalogica and
started using dr hauscha

As you can see I've made a few little changes here on my blog too. I thought that this simpler design would help highlight my photos more. What do you think?

And last night I forced myself through my nauseous nerves and attended a photographic society meeting. I was terrified beforehand. I hate going into a group of people I don't know. But I'm so glad I made myself attend! The society had organised a speaker... this gentleman... the most well-known press photographer in the UK! He was a wonderfully interesting man and I enjoyed over 2 hours of his anecdotes about Frank Sinatra, the Queen, Princess Di and John Wayne among others and got to see some incredibly iconic photos. It was ever so inspiring. And the people were friendly too!

Make a change and try something new this week... I highly recommend it!

03 June 2009

Last week my parents celebrated 40 years of married life together. They took Mr B and I to Venice, to really celebrate in style! My parents have visited Venice before but it was the first time for my husband and I. It was amazing. We walked and walked and walked. I snapped and snapped and snapped some more. The weather was hot and sunny, the coffee was strong and creamy, the ice cream was to die for and the views were out of this world.

I'll let my photos do the talking...

It was hard coming back into work on Monday let me tell you... Venice I miss you!

02 June 2009

My birthday came early

35 whole days early

On our first anniversary Mr B surprised me with my birthday present, so that I could use it in Venice!

This is what he gave me

This is also how I looked for the entire holiday last week!

01 June 2009

I have married the most wonderful man in all the world

This is where Mr B took me for our anniversary...

What a surprise it was!

We were treated like royalty and I was so overcome when the concierge left us in our suite (yes, I just wrote SUITE, aaaahhhh!!) that I cried! My husband spoils me far too much!! Our room was furnished with the most wonderous art deco pieces I'd ever seen!

That evening we ate downstairs in the famous restaurant...

We were even shown round the kitchen! We enjoyed coffee and petit fours after our meal, listening to jazz being played in the foyer. Full and bubbly from our champagne we went back to our room to look over our wedding album and relive the memories of our day one year before.

What a perfect anniversary... it was almost as good as our wedding day!!

And the surprises didn't quite end there.... stay tuned for part two!