22 January 2010


This week there have been lots of celebrations...

Our friend turning 30
The snow disappearing
And my final day in my current job today!!
I've been here for over 3 years now, so it will feel
quite strange
to walk out of the office door tonight
never to return.
But it will feel good too.
This weekend we are celebrating my little end of an era with
dinner tonight with friends
dinner tomorrow night just the two of us watching this guy

oh my word I'm excited!

and dinner on Sunday with friends followed by Avatar at the IMAX

We like dinner.

I hope you all do some celebrating this weekend...

just because.

PS if you have a minute, check out this amazing proposal!


  1. Enjoy your celebratione! Maybe I'll celebrate too soon!

  2. ahhh we're still having New Year family reunions over here hahaha, so it's still celebration weekend for me

  3. Have fun at your celebrations!


  4. i LOVE celebrating. especially with food.

  5. It sounds like a great weekend. Enjoy! :)
    I saw Avatar a few weeks ago and it was great.

  6. Good luck with the new job matey. I have every faith that you will be brilliant in it.

    Hope all your celebrations were fun as well.

    Good luck!

  7. I'm so happy that you've found a job! Enjoy your wonderful weekend!

  8. How exciting it is to close one chapter of your life and begin a new one. Hope you had a great weekend.

  9. We saw Avatar on Friday, I think you'll really like it - visually stunning.

    And how exciting to be treading a new path in your life! Change is good.

  10. I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating!

  11. Hope you had a great weekend!!!!!!!!

  12. Yay for being done with the lame job!!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  13. Hope you had a fabulous weekend of celebration!

  14. ahhh avatar isn't out on imax yet here in winnipeg - i'm dying to see it again, but on the huuuuuuuuge screen! report back on how it is!

  15. I love dinner dates too. They are perfect. And when I can't afford them, I love coffee dates! Congrats on your last day - and good luck on the future!!

  16. Hey there!

    Stop by my blog and pick up your reward!!!

  17. I missed the proposal... see what I get for being out of touch with my favorite blogs to read??? I hope you had a wonderful weekend and start of a new week in a new era! Can't wait to hear how its going for you!

  18. have such a great weekend. i am hoping to go to avatar too!

    p.s. i absolutely love your pictures. you have such a talent at capturing the little moments. thank you for inspiring me.


  19. Hows the new role going matey? Well I hope?

  20. Whoa! Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

    I love those weeks when everything feels special. Makes you stop and appreciate things, doesn't it?


  21. I'm so totally late to say this but congrats! I hope you had fun celebrating. And I hope your new job is going spectacularly!

  22. I just love celebrations. I wish you the best of luck in your new job, Saskia. May it be exactly what you've ever hoped for.

    P.S. I like dinner, too :).

  23. Hello my love! I've somehow missed your last few posts... not that I've been around much lately! How has your time been away from the old job? Going well, I hope!

    Say hello to Mr. B for me and have a wonderful weekend!