12 January 2010

Did you know that Mr B and I are always late?

Life for the bees has been hectic...

Snow is causing every journey, even a 5 minute one, to be quite a feat of exploration!

Every morning I get into the car with ~

a bag of extra warm clothes

wearing socks over my boots so they won't slip

a spade



a fully charged phone

and my fingers firmly crossed.

I've had to push our car!

Mr B has had to push our car!

And over the last week a total of 7 neighbours have pushed our car!

{some of whom we had not ever even met before}

It's been sort of nice.

In a cold and sort of hellish way.

Work has, now that I'm writing handover documents, got busy!

Actually working at work has been a rather novel experience.

And has not left me time

for my little spot here on the web.

A very belated recap of my very Dutch New Year will follow soon...



  1. Wishing you warm thoughts and wishes as you get through your day!

  2. I hope you are having a great, although cold, week!

  3. Snow has a way of making neighbors very neighborly (is that spelled right/even a word?)

    Be safe and stay warm!

  4. Stay safe and hopefully you get to enjoy your new neighbors in the warm weather soon.


  5. Packing for a simple car ride?? Yikes. Good luck!

  6. can't wait for the dutch new year :)
    i can't believe the amount of slow!! you guys are better and stronger because of it, i just know!!

  7. Beautiful photo. I haven't had to drive in the snow in years-- since I moved to Manhattan... when I lived upstate, we dealt with many many inches of snow. Some days we were simply snowed in! I sort of miss the peace that comes with mountains of snow and the stillness of the town... but I don't miss the soggy feeling.

  8. you are so talented. i adore you.
    stay warm. we are cold over here too.


  9. gosh, i watched on the news as london struggled to cope with the insane weather!..I can't imagine having to shovel. when i got back from the states..EVERYTHING was covered in snow here in exeter. which is totally ridiculous since we are this near the coast. i hope u find other ways to keep warm! xo

  10. Oh goodness! It seems like every day is some sort of battlefield. But at least you are keeping a rather positive outlook on it all.
    I'll be looking forward to that post on a very Dutch new years :)

  11. Snowy weather driving is the worst! I had my first real taste of it for the year this morning, and it was NOT. FUN. I hope that it's a super quick winter this year...fingers crossed!

  12. I thought it was cold over here but you've got a battle on your hands. I'm sending you warm thoughts and wishes for safe trips. xo

  13. Geesh. I feel bad about complaining about our cold snap now. Ah ha ha

  14. Ah, I remember this view, though i've only seen it in the snow once or twice. Hope you're enjoying your last days at work xxxxx

  15. oh saskia! being snowed in can be fun at first, but it quickly grows old. especially when you have to constantly enlist on the aid of your neighbours! but it sure is beautiful!! XOXO

  16. Ahh the snow has started to fall again today! I quite like it (coming from a country with no snow), but I can imagine how hard it is for people with cars.


  17. I won't mention that it's sunny and 60's here :) so instead I'll send you warm sunshine-y thoughts. PS - I love your new look! Stay warm, sweet friend! xoxo

  18. socks over boots, why didnt I think of that? Does it work? I've slipped far too many times!