14 January 2010

This time two weeks ago

I was in Holland. And having a marvellous time.

Mr B and I fit a lot into our 5 days there. We took in Leiden, Amsterdam and Haarlem. We saw friends, made new ones, saw family, went to 2 parties, walked a lot, drank beer and coffee, {Dutch coffee is the nicest in all the world} ate our favourite Dutch treats we can't get in the UK, spent an obscene amount of money on clothes {Dutch clothes are the nicest in all the world, well for my figure they are!}, Mr B got beaten in a game of chess by my father and
of course
I took lots of photos.

Would you like to take a look?

Leiden our home for the week

Orange tiles. I love the orange tiles.
My Oma's house had orange tiles.

Steep steps down from de Burcht.

On our way to eat pancakes!
We had to sprinkle our days outside with frequent stops in cafe and restaurants.
Not just for the hunger and thirst
But to regain the feeling in our fingers and toes.
Man it was cold.

One day I'll live in a house with big windows and steep stairs.

I should have learned to skate using a chair... instead I grab onto Mr B and hope he stifles his urge to let me go and watch me fall. I am terrible at skating.

Amsterdam not surprisingly one of my favourite cities in all the world

Every time we visit Amsterdam I plead and beg Mr B if we can go here
To Lanskroon
The most fantastic bakery in all the world.
This time they were making the Dutch New Year delicacy of oliebollen
{literally translated as oil balls}
Did you know that the reason the Dutch cycle everywhere is to stay slim after eating oliebollen?
It's true...

A tiny side street, somewhere near the Waag

Another of our most frequented places in the city is Cafe de Dokter.
I think this might be my favourite pub in all the world!
It's tiny, old fashioned, dark, jazzy and super.

Haarlem home of my super family, a super shop where I buy a year's worth of clothes each time I visit and a rather super church

The Sint Bavokerk
As seen from the warmth of the cafe next door.

NYE Helena, my little cousin, was woken up at 11:55pm in time for the fireworks.

No need to be in a big city or to pay to attend a professional firework display just go outside your house and you'll see the most fantastic fireworks in all the world!

They lasted for an hour! Everyone just let fireworks of on the pavements & in the street.
Safe, probably not, but wow it was awesome!

My mum loves sparklers. Who doesn't?
On the day we flew home there was a big party...
Not to celebrate our leaving but for two very special girls' birthdays...

Jacomijn turned 4

and Helena turned 9.
Mr B, please can we book our flights to go back again soon, really soon?


  1. I'm in love with the photo of the side street!

    So happy you had an awesome holiday!

  2. I love your travels! Maybe someday I can steal away in your suitcase! : ) Supposedly I have Dutch in my ancestry, but I've never been able to confirm that. Holland looks like a beautiful place to visit!

  3. Oh your pictures are so lovely! You and Mr. B are so full of travel, it warms my heart!

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  5. Beautiful photos, as always. I visited Holland as a high-schooler for about 2 days. Would love to go back for a week or more!

  6. i adore your holland photos! and i am green with envy ;) my entire netherlands experience was a long weekend in January 2004 and the majority of time was spent in cafe Abraxas in Amsterdam. not that i didn't enjoy it... but i wish i could see it with my current set of eyes! thank you for posting your photos!

  7. ps - i have tagged you for an award... check out my blog to claim it :)

  8. Leiden looks beautiful! Great pictures by the way. What are oileballen?


  9. Stunning pics as always! I especially love that first one. Looks like it was a fantastic trip - gah, I wish I lived in Europe!

  10. I think this is my favorite post you've ever written! The photos are fantastic and I literally feel like I just took a little trip! I'm so happy you had such a great time. I think next time you should take me with you!

  11. i want to go there so bad!! i've been to europe 5 times now... and we i got back again, amsterdam is on my list for sure!
    the fireworks are the best part :)

  12. Your pictures are always awesome and these got some "old feeling" about it. What did you do to it??? LOL

  13. This looks marvelous! The orange tiles--to die for.

    I once had a layover in Amsterdam, but it was too short to go out exploring. Instead, I got to see the inside of Schipol Airport. Not so fun! Someday though, I'll go back...

    Fantastic photos!

  14. What a gorgeous trip album! I've been to Amsterdam a few times-- once was in college, and of course, kind of a waste of a weekend.. but the other times were spent shopping along the charming canals and enjoying a leisurely pace with my husband.

  15. Olibollen, appeltaart, cozy cafes, and orange tile rooftops....you are making me miss Holland SO much right now! Your photographs are incredible. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful gezellig holiday :)

    Oh and I definitely agree about the Dutch clothes! I'm so glad I stocked up before I came back to Canada!

  16. oh its all so beautiful. i have always wanted to go to holland. maybe next year!

  17. Oh wow, looks like you had a wonderful time! I'm just in love with the architecture in these photos!

  18. I want to go so much! I've only been to the Netherlands once when I was 13. I need to go back soon!! Your photos are amazing! xx

  19. hahaha, it's funny to see it from your side. I'm so used to this country, that I actually find it boring. I do love living here though. Everything is well taken care off... or at least, most things. Amsterdam is my fav. Dutch place.


  20. Your photos are great! Those orange tile roofs and the architecture...it looks beautiful. I want to go there so bad now. I'm glad you had a great time!

  21. I love the photos!!! And I really want to go to Holland! Even more now that I have seen the photos!

  22. As usual, freind, your pictures are amazing! I feel as though I was there, seeing what you say. Lovely.

    PS - are you from Holland? Or just have family there? Sorry that I missed that part.

  23. Wow, great photos. Reminds me that there are lots of places I should visit here. I'm definitely going to ask the man if we can visit Leiden. From the looks of it, we don't live *that* far away from it.

    It's funny, when I was back in the UK I was stocking up on clothes. Clothes here do not suit/fit me!

    Love your pictures.

    Ik wens jullie een gelukkig en gezond 2010


  24. I love the way your photos show so much life.

  25. Just wonderful. Makes me want to appreciate life even more. :)

    I always wonder what it would be like if I had this kind of life. Just interesting too.

  26. i love the orange tiles and the bikes in the alley. Stunning!

  27. Wow, that looks awesome! I haven't been there in years... your making me want to go back!