20 March 2009

Dating tip # 1 from Mr B

Ask your chosen girl out in a really memorable way. I did it with some finesse when I asked Saskia out. I had planned my tactics down to the last t. I had, with steath, found out where she was going to go out on that auspicious evening. I made sure I was there. I made doubly sure I was sober. Sure enough, a couple of hours after I had got there, she walked up to the bar. Here was my chance! I walked up to her and said hi. She smiled and replied hi. It was a great start! I helped her get a space at the heaving bar and made sure she got served quickly. We chit-chatted and then I plucked up the courage and said

Right. I have two questions to ask you and if you answer “no” to either question I will be devastated.” (Maybe I didn’t say “devastated” - I can’t quite remember any longer, but it sounds wonderfully dramatic.) Ok she answered, looking slightly fearful.

Firstly, do you have a boyfriend and secondly would you like to go out with me sometime?”

She answered “No. And Yes." She seemed puzzled and said “but I answered one of the questions with no…”

My chat up technique is smooth, let me tell you.

*Mr B cannot be persuaded to write a guest post, so unfortunately this post is told from the ever-so-slightly-biased viewpoint. I did make sure I got his permission to write about his suave romancing style. I'm not sure he quite understood what he was letting himself in for!


  1. so smooth!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I left an award for you on my blog...

  3. teheheheh! I loved the alooyminuim post too! i always giggle about that one.

  4. sober! too funny! love this!

    ps - you are so incredibly talented, my new friend!