24 March 2009


This weekend Mr B and I drove up north for a surprise. My father-in-law and nephew were celebrating their birthdays. Mr B snr. had no idea all his children and their families were going to be with him to celebrate and turn his weekend topsy-turvy.

Mr B sr. played golf with his sons and we all enjoyed lunch outside for the first time this year.

Once the boys headed off for the next 9 holes the rest of us relaxed. Birthday boy jr. drove.

My niece was a most efficient ball-girl.

That evening we all enjoyed a meal together. There were presents, balloons, confetti, cake and champagne. It was marvellous.

The following day Mr B and I began our journey home. We spontaneously stopped for a look round Lincoln. Steep streets, unique shops, a magnificent cathedral and lunch in a tearoom made this a most pleasant pitstop.

I had a fantastic weekend. I loved every minute. Can I share a secret with you all? I even loved coming home.


  1. 1) love the pics!

    2) can I please have beautiful cobble stone streets near my home!?!?!?!

    3) glad you had such a lovely weekend!

  2. i'm pretty sure this is the most picturesque weekend i've ever set eyes on. my goodness the town and your family are both so beautiful. but it could just be your photog skills showing off!

  3. What a great time! Love all the pictures. So glad you're getting beautiful weather, too.

  4. I just love looking at the pictures you take! What a great weekend!

  5. Looks like a great weekend to me! Great job on the pics! And I must say I feel that "There is no place like home".

  6. Looks like you guys had a fabulous time. And what great pictures of the town. I want to come visit! I loved the pics of golfing... very artsy!

  7. beautiful pics, as always.
    i love the 2nd and 3rd ones of the town.
    once i get my own home (in years) i might commission you for some pics.

    your neice is adorable!

  8. What beautiful pictures! Sounds like a great weekend!

  9. LOVE your pictures and clearly you had a GREAT weekend!