11 March 2009

If you ask me...

I have felt so lazy this week and not in a good way. I am dreaming of my comfy bed all day, from the minute I get up in the morning. I'm ashamed to say I might scramble into my pjs as soon as I get in the door tonight!

Could it be my lack of yoga practice last week? Or is my record-breaking consumption of creme eggs to blame? Or maybe it's just that I need spring to get arrive after this extremely depressing winter... I'm fed up with the dark and the cold. Winter 09-10 I will hibernate. I cannot take this annual gloom any longer.

My lazy lull has even extended to post ideas so I thought I'd leave my blog-door open for all your questions...

Go on, leave me a comment with your burning question! I'm already looking forward to sharing with you.

PS the lazing is contagious... this is my active cat and the duvetted mound is my lively husband, ha!


  1. I've been so lazy lately! Last week I barely made it to the gym and this week I am determined to go to help me out of this winter "slump."

    Here are my questions...
    If I were to come visit you, what would we do? Where would we go?

    Aside from being a fabulous blogger, what's your day job?

    If you could only shop at 1 store for the rest of your life (not including food, obviously) where would it be and why?

  2. I've got the lazy bug, too. I've been eating too much ice cream, too many peanut butter candies, and haven't hit the gym in a couple of months. Crawling into some pj's sounds like a splendid idea to me, too, especially since it's gloomy & raining in Texas right now!

    My questions for you.... I was wondering if there are things you read about from American bloggers, slang we use or references we make, that you're unfamiliar with. Also, does the way we spell drive you crazy? I love seeing English words written from the European side of the ocean...extra letters that we don't use that make me want to pronounce things more formally... And, last one...do you know what being Black Dutch means? I was once told that Black Dutch is part of my heritage, and I've found two different explanations during my search. One was that Black Dutch was the description for descendants from Spanish and Dutch breeding, and the other that American Indians claimed to be this to avoid discrimination in the plains states. Just curious if you've heard of the classification since you are Dutch.

    Did I totally bombard you with questions, or what????

  3. Lazy is my middle name in the winter. I would love nothing more than to curl up in a ball under a blanket and snuggle the winter months away.

    If you could have one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

    What is your most prized possession?

    If you could only wear one accessory (necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring-other than THE ring, broach, etc.)...What would it be?

    Have a Happy Hump Day!

  4. Lazy and I are best friends. We go out for coffee, eat cereal with our kid early in the morning. Especially after coming home from work just 6 hours before. (Wait, that might be Bitter? Not sure :)

    Question: When did you look at one of your photos and know how AMAZING you were at it?

    (Cause I LOVE looking at your photos)

    P.S. Great minds think alike. I just did this same post today.

  5. Sooooo when you say "cream eggs" do you mean CADBURY Cream Eggs???

    Favorite. Candy. Ever.

  6. Ah, to be lazy... I think I remember what that feels like... boy did I like it :)

    If you were a character in a movie, who would you be?

  7. I, too, have been feeling this exact way! Haven't gotten out of bed to hike hills in the early am...not because I am still sleeping, but because bed is so warm and cozy....and I just don't feel like getting up. And the Mr. and I were both in bed last night by 9:30 pm....very early for us both.

    Hope we both can shake it soon!

  8. I know EXACTLY how you feel. If I could hibernate for the winter months, I'd be totally happy. It's just not fun dealing with the gloominess! Don't feel guilty for being lazy. It's ok, just as long as it doesn't last too long. Hmmm.... questions? Where would you travel to if money and time were not issues?

  9. ive got the lazy bug too..and the flu bug, which is why I didnot respond to your email. Im excited about your package. I am a horrible person and havent sent yours yet. mostly b/c i lost your address (can you email it to me?) sorry for being a bad bloggy buddy.

  10. I was totally lazy all week last week too. I still think its the winter blues wearing off. I hope this weekend was better for you. And I love the photo of the hubby & cat!!! Looks like most mornings around our home. XOXO