09 February 2009


After work on Friday night I dashed through the sleet to meet my beloved. I was very excited. I ran up the escalators in the Underground (you can tell I was excited - try running up two of the longest escalators in succession, I don't recommend it. ). Finally I reached Trafalgar Square.

My beloved wasn't there.

He wasn't answering his phone either.


Not so beloved anymore. It was cold and I was hungry. So while I waited for him I took some photos.

After eventually meeting up, we grabbed a very quick snack and made it to the theatre just in time.

Phantom of the Opera was so enjoyable. The music is fantastic, the sets and costumes are so decadent and the singing was truly wonderful. It was dark, gothic and very dramatic. I think my mum would love to go and see this - come on Papa, I know you'll read this, please take her!

After the show my again beloved man and I walked through Piccadilly Circus and Soho...

To the infamous hotspot of my man and I, woohoo!

It was buzzing in Ed's. We had to wait for a seat. I think the doorman remembered us. Mr B commented that he should never plan fancy restaurant meals for me as I'm just as happy (and probably more excited) going to Ed's.

I wanted a Bud and some fries with ketchup. If you haven't already noticed Mr B and I are extraordinarily healthy. Always. Mr B ordered 'wet fries' for me. I didn't know what they were but trusted him. I shouldn't have. Some chips smothered in gravy arrived. Blurgh. Mr B, we do not eat chips & gravy in the south of England. Please never ever order this for me again. The chips go soggy. I do not like soggy chips.

We had reserved a hotel room in Greenwich so that we didn't have to trek all the way home in the middle of the night. The next morning we slept through until midday, missing our check-out time by over 2 hours. Whoops. After checking out 5 minutes after waking up we ate a cooked breakfast and then ambled through Greenwich market. It's fabulous there and we picked up the most funky lampshade for our kitchen.

The rest of the weekend we spent catching up with friends, catching up with our recorded programmes and relaxing just like the Meesh.


  1. I love this post!!!! I love the Phantom . . . *happy sigh*

  2. Look at you little lady...drinking a BUDWEISER! awesome!!!

    Sounds like a perfect weekend and I LOVE the lamp shade!!!

  3. What great time!! (minus the cold and waiting period) -- I love all your pics! Specially the one with beer :)

    Happy Monday!

  4. Looks like you guys had a blast! Your pictures are gorgeous, as usual. Thanks for the music suggestions... I'll check them out!

  5. Lovely pics! Glad you had a wonderful weekend. I must admit I'm quite envious! : )

  6. Wow, these pictures are fabulous!

  7. What a fabulous weekend - and your photographs are amazing!

    Phamtom will always hold a special place in my heart - it was the first musical I ever saw in Broadway - my grandparents took me when I was 10 and my grandmother was afraid I would fall over the balcony, I kept leaning to get a better view!