17 February 2009

Today I am...

1. Wondering why writing with my fountain pen is so much nicer.
2. Questioning what two horses were doing next to my office in the middle of a town centre this morning. Weird but nice.
3. Wondering when Mr B will buy a whole box of Krispys again? I miss them already.
4. Looking forward to testing the various pale blue paints for our bedroom walls tonight. Mr B has, understandably, vetoed my pink idea. I will post photos and possibly a video - if I don’t get too video-shy.
5. Speculating on what on earth I’m going to do about my job situation. Everything has gone topsy-turvy. I don’t know what to do for the best. It’s a big conundrum. More on this soon.
6. Wondering if the writers of Lost know what’s going on? I doubt it. I also doubt we, the loyal watchers, will ever receive the answers to all our questions.
7. Loving John Locke… does anyone else have this problem? Is it a problem?
8. Planning an extremely successful export business for Littlesack, selling peanut butter m&ms to the UK. It will be a triumph I can assure you.
9. Suffering with peanut butter m&m withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal is somewhat alleviated by Cadbury Crème Eggs. What great things they are.
10. Clamouring to watch the first two episodes of The City tonight.
11. Not recommending sewing early in the morning. My punctured fingertip isn’t thanking me (but I am wearing a cute blouse, work-appropriate of course).

12. Getting close to throwing Weasel-colleague’s pen out of the window. Actually scrap that. I am getting close to throwing Weasel-colleague out of the window.
13. Counting down until 6pm.


  1. #3 - What a fabulous guy you have!

    #6 - I've often suspected they make up the story as they go along. Gah, I love that show anyhow!

  2. I love pale blue rooms! Can't wait to see pics!

  3. The Lindsey comment was from me! I was logged into the wrong gmail account.

  4. I don't watch Lost but I watch Fringe (both written by the same person) and I feel that way sometimes too!

  5. You are *so* precious! I loved reading this. What were you sewing so early in the morning? Loving the blouse, you look so cute today! Hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday!

  6. Yeah, I'm foaming at the mouth for some more answers on Lost. And I'm the only person I know who's loved Sawyer from the beginning. I cant help it. :)

  7. Lulu, my clothes have a vendetta against me. My Ted Baker trousers keep losing their buttons as did my blouse, grrr.

    Courtney, oooh I must look out for Fringe... I've never heard of it!

    Liz, we have loved Sawyer from day one too (but I love John more)!!

  8. Throw the weasel out the window and take a picture of him lying on the ground. That will make for a great post! Hope all goes well with the job? Do you want me to send you some peanut butter M&Ms? My best friend's kids call them yum-yums. Ha!

  9. i second the weasel photo!

    also my coworker has a jar of peanut butter m&ms at his desk. every time he goes to the bathroom i run over, grab a bunch, stick them under a paper towel, and munch on them periodically. i'm sure i could just ask to have some, but being a peanut butter m&m rebel is way more fun. do you really not have them in the uk? i am baffled by this.

  10. 1. OMG! I didn't know you were a LOST FAN!!!!! YEAH! I love you ten times more now. I love John locke too (what nights is it on over there?). I'm really unsure if they know what is going on (they= the writers).

    2. I told you those bad boys were addicting! haha. I will send more within the next few weeks, and ill send bigger/more bags as well. however, cadbury creme eggs are DELISH!!!!!!!!! (i recently found out that have gluten in them tho_I cried).

  11. Ik heb net bedacht dat ik in het Nederlands kan schrijven, omdat ik het moeilijk vind heel persoonlijke commentaren te geven, die door iedereen gelezen kunnen worden. Ik vind de punten die je bespreekt op dinsdag heel leuk en grappig geschreven. Maak je niet te veel zorgen over jouw baan. Vertrouw in jezelf, jij bent meer waard dan wie dan ook. Veel liefs van mama.

  12. Love the top..sorry about the finger.

  13. no, i totally don't mind sending more m&ms. give me a few weeks though- its on my list of things to do, I'm just kinda swamped.
    Yes we have cadbury eggs here.
    and...im not really sure what you guys have over there...but i LOVED the chocolates you sent last time and i love anything with chocolate and peanut butter