02 February 2009

White Out

Most of the UK is at a standstill, all because of this...

The whole time Mr B and I have lived near London we've never seen snow like this!

Mr B had to dig our car out of the snow!

Tonight's journey home from work should be interesting...


  1. Not that I read your blog but hey... here's a quote from the bbc website -

    "The Highways Agency said the organisation was well prepared to deal with snowfall over roads after criticism over its reaction to severe weather in 2003."

    yeah right !

    Mr B. x

  2. Snow it pretty for about 20 minutes and then it becomes a giant pain in the rump!

    Drive safe!!! (keep it at 10 & 2...ha!)

  3. very pretty!

    (I can only appreciate snow from a distance!) :)

  4. Beautiful - just be really really careful driving & walking in the ice!

  5. Beautiful pictures! I hope the snow is manageable for you guys. I'm from Texas and we don't get snow in my part of the state much either, so when it does happen it can be a bit isolating. Stay warm!

  6. That's what most every storm we get here looks like! Hope you have a window scraper for the car and a shovel for the driveway! If I come to visit, I can show you a thing or two about snow removal! Hope you're staying warm!

  7. Wow!! How beautiful! Be careful!!

  8. Hope you made it home safe. We're up north and it is insane here. My husband is on the orad for his job and he was forced to take the day off. Schools are closed so he got the delightful task of playing in snow with kids all day and I have my PJ's still in and it's 7pm. Joy!

  9. I loved the snow today! - had so much fun in the park near our house. Anton was happy, didn't have to go to work. It was so magical - like being back in Poland, in my parents house.
    ...and yes the picture with my grandma on my blog is from my wedding.
    have a great evening

  10. I love your yard! I'd like a home tour soon, please! :)