29 January 2009

The City of Dreaming Spires

On Saturday Mr B and I spent a freezing day exploring Oxford. We walked, we window-shopped, we sight-saw, we drank, we ate, we cinema-ed and I snapped...

a lot

so here

just for you

is our day

in pictures

Outside Christ Church College

It was so cold, but so nicely clear and bright!

Inside Christ Church Cathedral

One day, maybe, no hopefully, we'll live in a little house like this

Exeter College & the Bodleian Library

The Bridge of Sighs. I think we'll be seeing a lot more bridges like this one in May!!

I just love buildings like this!

A market stall on the high street. We were ever-so good and only window-shopped. I am very impressed with my willpower so far this month (we'll just conveniently forget about the necklace!).

We had refreshments in the 'Morse Bar' in the Randolph Hotel (named after Inspector Morse /John Thaw who frequented this bar lots). I drank a whole pot of tea (English breakfast of course) and Mr B drunk a beer made from champagne (very posh).

Then we went to the cinema and watched Valkyrie. After all the negative reviews it received I was not expecting much (even though the stellar cast excited me) but I was pleasantly surprised. As a big WW2 geek, I am happy that such an historically accurate, gutsy and sympathetic film was produced. The actors were superb, Bill Nighy especially. If you're interested in WW2, or are looking for a serious drama I recommend it.

We had a lovely day and hope to go again soon to try out this restaurant that we didn't get a chance to eat at... the queue snaked down the road outside and there was no way I was waiting an hour or two in the cold, even for a Jamie Oliver Italian. Can we go sometime soon though Mr B? Please? Pretty please?


  1. What beautiful pictures! I am looking so forward to seeing those sights one day in my future. And, I have English Breakfast Tea every day!!! Sometimes twice! I really think I was British in another life.... : )

    Thanks for sharing your day!

  2. What a wonderful day! Before Handsome worked so much, we used to explore our city in much the same way. But you are a great photographer! I am not, so I don't have the same chronicles for my memories :)

  3. You photos are beautiful!!! I want to visit now!!! Help me convince my hubby to start saving money. :)

  4. Lovely pics! *sigh* I wish I lived in Europe!

  5. Your pictures are gorgeous! I need to come and explore your beautiful country. Maybe I can stay with you? Ha ha ha!

  6. Sounds like a perfect day!....great pics by the way!

  7. Your photos are so amazing!!!!! It looks like the most lovely trip... You make me so homesick for my semester at Cambridge! *le sigh*...

  8. Oxford is beautiful I haven't been for years.

    I too am desperate for a Jamie Oliver Italian.

  9. Oh my goodness....those were breathtaking photos. I want to travel! I really do!

  10. Beautiful photos! Really, really beautiful!