20 January 2009

Being Honest

Holly at In My Overactive Head has tagged me! Receiving this award really gave me a nice boost - thanks so much Holly!

The rules...
1) Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
2) Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with "Honest Scrap." Well, there's no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.
3) List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

Well, I've changed the rules eversoslightly and I asked Mr B to list 10 honest things about me! I thought this would give you some really honest, insightful points.

1. I am a Blog Addict. Yup, I may be just a tad addicted to blogging... but I do most of my blog-work while I'm supposed to be doing real work *shhh* so hopefully Mr B doesn't feel too neglected.
2. I horseride. I started learning to ride with a friend, just over 2 years ago. We go on hacks through the beautiful Berkshire countryside early on Sunday mornings. It's magical. We plod through idyllic villages and lope through forests and fields.
3. I love elephants. One of the best parts of our honeymoon was visiting the a haven for rescued elephants. On pessimistic days I prefer elephants to humans.

Taro. June 2008

4. I drive a 2-seater sports car. It's so fun, except in any abnormal weather. Then it feels like a death-trap. Not so-fun.

Windsor. Autumn 2008.

5. I love Bengal cats. After having Meisha I think I will now always own Bengals (sorry regular cats!) They are full of character and so intelligent. I will post the most fantastic You Tube video I found of some crazy Bengals - then you'll understand!

6. I achieved a merit in my Master's degree. 'Nuff said. (I was clever once!)

7. I take up 90% of the bed and use 90% of the duvet. A girl's got to keep warm!

8. I can never wake up in the morning. I am seriously like the living dead until I've had a bath or shower.

9. I love a drink called Cassis. It's fizzy blackcurrant and you can't get it in the UK. Whenever we return from Holland I weigh our luggage down bringing back new supplies.

10. I would drink martinis by the side of a pool all day long if I could. Actually Mr B, I think you'll find it's Margaritas, but Martinis will do...

Bali. June 2008.

I'd like to award:
Mrs Cup

and even though you've received it before, I still wanted to acknowledge the following ladies:
Newlywed Central
Mrs Stillettos


  1. mmm..martinies and margaritas! both are soo good. Thanks for the acknowledgement again!

    Ps- peanut butter m&ms are seriously the best junk food. WAY better than recees pieces (spelling?) If you really want to try them, I'll definetly ship some over to you. Let me know

  2. i LOVE elephants - love, love, love (hence the name of my blog - NOT about being an American Republican - yeah right) - I picked Thailand for my bar trip for the single fact that we were going to get to go to an elephant rescue camp! LOVE! I cannot wait to go to Africa - it is on our list of things to do before babies!

  3. Oh yay!! You are so sweet!! I loved reading more about you!

  4. My little sister loves elephants too. She's started collecting all those little vintate elephant planters... and now I'm jealous of her collection! Why didnt I think of that? :)