19 January 2009

Not me! Monday

Due to the rain last night my 6 mile journey to work this morning did not take me an hour in bumper-to-bumper traffic the entire way. British people do not let a little bit more rain than usual affect them in any way. Same can be said for snow, ice etc. We're a hardy lot.

Yesterday Mr B and I did not eat breakfast at midday then skip lunch in favour of mid-afternoon coffee and biscuits. We'd never do that. We eat healthily, 100% of the time.

I would never have to ask Mr B about something I was confused about in Hustle... even though it definitely wasn't something confusing that I would have good reason to ask him about. I never get lost in very simple storylines, never ever. (I don't have this problem with 24 you'll be pleased to hear... I'm too engaged by Jack for that.)

I wouldn't ever enjoy staying in on a Friday night. And I would never enjoy it even more by giving myself a homemade facial. No, I'm far too young, vibrant and exciting than that.

I would never stay at home ~tidying the house, duster in one hand, cup of tea in the other with one eye on So You Think You Can Dance~ instead of looking round car dealerships with Mr B (part of his new promotion is a new car, yay!). I am not stupidly pleased when the house is spick and span and of course don't enjoy time alone now and again to potter about.

What didn't you get up to? Whatever it was, I hoped your enjoyed yourselves!


  1. So funny!! A clean house makes your week start off so well!

  2. i absolutely did not spend my sunday going to see revolutionary road by myself while my fiance played video games. i do not order in pizza the moment i realized the only things in our fridge were items to make a salad. and obviously i did not watch wuthering heights on masterpiece theater instead of football because i am not my grandmother.

    ps: found your blog via kate and love it!