15 January 2009


From my Father:

Saskia, you blog is really super - you have great imagination and lovely ideas. I think you should start writing (and illustrating) children's books. Could do well ...
It's just your jolly-old spelling and lack of punctuation at times - usually missing apostrophes, that 'blot the blog'. Blog-blots recently spotted: DEFINITELY and NEW YEAR'S EVE ...!

Dear Papa,

I like my blog-blots. They show that I make mistakes (unlike you... how do you do it?) and that I am busy (which is surely a good thing?). Of course I am not, in any way, embarrassed (NB 'r' x2, 's' x2) that my former masters-achieving, thesis-writing self has slipped so much in 4 years, and in such a public place too (NB extra 'o' - I'm doing well).

Your idea about me writing children's books is undoubtedly biased (I am your only and therefore best daughter after all) but it is something I'd love to do... wouldn't it be a fantastic job? I will definitely have to ponder on some ideas. The best idea I have at the moment is to write about Meishathecat

That face alone would sell stackloads... wouldn't it? Perhaps, when I've written my first story's draft, you could edit it? We would be a dream-team. Lots of love, Saskia x

PS Do you like the new look?


  1. Every1 needs to have a kouple blog blots!

  2. LOVE the new header!!!!! classy yet fun!

  3. Love the new look. And there's nothing better than the parental, "I told you so," type of comments to really light a fire under your ass!

  4. you changed!! I like it!! I love the term "blog-blot." I'm definetly putting it into my vocab

  5. I like the new look! Thats funny your Dad wants to correct your blog. My Mom does that to me too!