08 January 2009

One day

One day I will have a house with wooden floors, big windows, [a plasma screen for Mr B], and pale walls that aren’t magnolia (we lived for too long in rentedmagnoliaaccommodation). One day this house will have flow-ey, prett-ey curtains, a picture wall and the space to display my old treasures like my Oma’s Pfaff sewing machine. One day I’ll have a garden where the Meesh can stalk, hunt and play, where I can keep chickens and where I will tend a vegetable patch (honestly I will!).

This means that one day we will have to move (probably far away from London) in order to have this dream (have you seen the house prices round here? Completely crazy).

In the meantime I’m taking a lot of pleasure from moving things around and giving new life to what others think is old tat. Amazing what colourful roses from Mr B and my newly-invented basket - with a few un-christmassy Christmas birds perched on top – will do for our bedroom.


  1. I love revamping the old and making it "new"!

  2. Oh that is my dream as well, beautiful house with wooden floor, garden where my Pmpim can hunt, walls in my favorite colors.not much to ask still impossible in London - I have seen the prices :(

  3. I love making small changes with great impact!!! I love the little birdies. :)

  4. I got the shirt here: