09 January 2009

To work

6 miles
25 minutes

And I see

1 Bentley
1 Aston Martin DB9
2 Porsches
3 dogs

and a lollipop lady

...Only in Surrey!


  1. My drive is 15 miles (but 40 minutes...blah)

    I see:
    WAY too many cars
    every fast food place known to man
    22 stop lights

    only in Indianapolis/America (so commercial)

    sidenote: I also get to see a really old man taking his daily walk whilst using a GIANT carved walking stick...as if we live in the mountains. ha! I smile every time I see him!

  2. I'm laughing because when I lived in Philly, it was a similar journey -- Where is Surrey?

    OK... FINALLY I've posted my award from you! THANK YOU!!!