12 January 2009

Not me! Monday

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mr B and I certainly did.

Littlesack over at Navigating the Quarterlife has been playing 'Not me! Monday' for a while now and her "not me's" always make me laugh, so I thought I would join in! The idea is you just list a lot of things you "didn't" (read: actually did) do this weekend/past week.

This week I didn't...

skip the first yoga lesson of the year because I wanted to eat a late dinner with Mr B instead, I'm far too motivated and focused for that.

I also certainly didn't get completely paranoid about driving across the level crossing on my way to work, imagining my certain, inexplicable death-by-train, causing me to drive a little too fast over the crossing (to escape the aforementioned and imagined oncoming train). I have much more sense and reason than that.

I was definitely not very excited at all about going to the IMAX for the first time to see Madagascar 2... I'm much too grown-up and sensible for that. And I unquestionably wouldn't laugh much, much more than the 7 year old girl sitting next to me, no way.

Of course I didn't already forget to write in my gratitude journal for 2 days in a row this weekend and write both entries last night, postdated. I would never break a new years resolution in just 5 days, not me!

I most certainly didn't bother Mr B for a cup of tea incessantly in my best whining voice until he caved in and made me one (probably just to stop me saying "plu-eeese") to then forget about it and, out of pride, drink it cold. I am absolutely, categorically and undeniably much more mature and agreeable than that.

And finally, I would never hang out of a moving car just to take this photo, no not me!


  1. YEAH! thanks for the shout-out and I'm glad you are playing along!

    "And I unquestionably wouldn't laugh much, much more than the 7 year old girl sitting next to me, no way." This made my laugh. I went to see Shrek 3 with a girl friend and we were laughing hysterically the whole time, way more than any of the little kids. Sometimes, it just feels good to act like a ten year old.

  2. I love that you played! Isn't it fun!!

    I would have stayed late to have dinner with my husband too :)

    Gorgeous pic! I would also, *never* do something like that.. I mean, aren't we too sensible for that sort of silliness? :)

  3. That picture is SO WORTH hanging out a car window to get! GORG!

  4. Ha! I love your "not me"s! Also adore that photo, great shot! Hope you had a lovely weekend!!!

  5. Ok, I'd hang onto the hood of a car with one hand to take that picture! Fabulous!