16 January 2009

In High Spirits

This week:

*Mr B’s promotion was finalized – I’m so proud of him
*We will be celebrating him this weekend
*My hair actually vaguely did what I wanted
*I met some lovely new yoga class attendees
*I’m happy you’re all liking the new look of my blog – thanks to Lyndsay!
*I’ll be using a voucher from Mr B for a mini-makeover in Benefit tomorrow
*Mama told us that her & my dad would like to take Mr B & me to Venice to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in May!!!!!
*This wonderful lady is back today
*We received lovely thank you cards from 2 of our nephews
*I’ll be spending the whole weekend with Mr B as he’s not working, woohoo
*I can post big photos (see below, oooh!)
*Jack's back
*We received 3 free items in our online grocery order

…it’s the little things

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Venice? They're taking you to Venice for their anniversary?

    Man, I really am a neglected child. I'm telling my parents right now that Saskia's parents are taking HER to Venice!!

    (Of course, my mother has Alzheimer's, so I don't think I'm going to get very far with the guilt thing!)

    Venice! You lucky dog!

  2. It is the small things!
    venice will be fabulous!
    Ill be going to Italia in may too--my first time to Europe. I am so excited!

    Ps--i really like the "any chocolate eaten on fridays doesn't count" rule. I like your style

  3. Hi ~ New reader here! I found you from Mabels House. :D

    Your blog is so warm and inviting!

  4. Venice?! YAY!!! Congrats to Mr. B on his promotion!!!

  5. You're new banner got me itchin for a new one too!

    Thank you for the inspiration!!! haha!