09 January 2009


Thank goodness it's Friday. This has felt like the longest week.

I'm at home after a day when the hours were not kind to me. The minute hand was most certainly on a go-slow. I'm now celebrating being at home by eating the champagne truffles Mr B bought me for Christmas *yum* and drinking tea *yum* (I know, not a very glamourous combination, but going down very well all the same).

Tomorrow, while Mr B is out working hard, I will be lying in, reading, going into London to meet Mama, one of my oldest friends and her mum for lunch. I can't wait! My mum and I will then probably hit Old Bond Street. I will leave all money and debit cards at home, to resist temptation, and will definately be avoiding Selfridges for the same reason :(

On Sunday Mr B and I are going to the IMAX to see Madagascar 2... I am so excited about this that it's quite ridiculous!! I almost died laughing watching this for the first time (I am 9 years old at heart)!

Because I seem almost incapable of posting without a photo, here is a photo of some items in my house that I adore - my Oma's old tins... aren't they wonderful?

I hope you all have fabulous weekends!!


  1. I love love love old tins - so pretty! TGIF :)

  2. I'm so jealous that you'll be cruising Old Bond street today, while I'm cooped up here in a potential snowstorm. I want to come with you!!!!! :)
    Your Oma's tins are SO lovely! I adore them!
    Happy weekend!