27 February 2009

Ice Ice Baby

Mr B's best mate is called Barry. It was Barry's birthday last week and Barry's wife Amelle had arranged a surprise.

At exactly 5:10pm on Saturday Mr B and I pulled up outside their house. Mr B then whisked us all away into London in our trusty car.

Barry had no idea what we were doing.

We parked in an underground carpark just off Regent Street. There were typical London cars parked there. Our nice car was somewhat outshone by the other residents.

Off we skipped to our sub-zero haunt for the night.

We donned well-insulated hooded capes and in we went, into the freezing ice bar. Everything, and I mean everything, was made of ice... the seats, the bar, the tables, the shot glasses...

We enjoyed our shots, though our lips got quite cold.

Amelle and I were toasty warm in our capes.

Mr B and Barry larked about, putting their heads into a tunneled block of ice

Mr B


We were only allowed 40 minutes in the winterwonderland or we would have turned into ice sculptures ourselves. We spent the rest of the night just next door, warming up, enjoying drinks and delicious tapas and laughing. Mr B even gave my feet a warm-up rub under the table.

That night I dreamt of being in a real ice wonderland, watching the Northern Lights...

Hopefully one day.


  1. How fun is that!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. That is really cool (haha, lame joke)! But really, what a fun experience!

  3. That sounds so fun! I wish we had a place like that here!

  4. That looks SO fun! Have a happy Friday!

  5. Ooh sounds like fun. I'll have to add that place to my list of places to visit if I ever get to London! I'm glad you all had fun. The pictures are great!

  6. I almost forgot... you might be interested to know that Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer (no I'm not kidding) are coming to Utah for a one-time concert. I'm appalled!

  7. Oooh...that sounds fantastic -- aside from the cold part!

  8. that is so freaking fracking awesome!! love the pics!

  9. What an experience! Nothing like that is available in Ohio, in case you've ever wondered! Thanks for sharing, especially the pics!

  10. One of my friends went through Europe and I can't remember the place he went to but his favorite thing was an ice bar!

    I really enjoyed your photos.