03 February 2009

Double Belle Trouble

I have been tagged, twice, by both Belle's that I follow! Thank you so much Bama Belle in the Big City and Une Belle Vie - I'm loving the fun distraction of answering these questions. If you haven't already, please go and check out both of these blogs - they're fabulous.

It's freezing here - today as well as the snow we have loads of ice. Great. I've been at work since 07:20 this morning... Mr B drove me here on his way to work so that I didn't have to drive in the death trap Mazda. He's a gent. I've already got a lot done and I'm in no mood for faffing around so I'm being naughty and lazy with the tag-rules. Please forgive me!

What were you doing​ and who were you with at 9:59 PM on Frida​y night​?​​​ Snuggling on the sofa watching tv with Mr B.

What is the last thing you read/are currently reading? I'm reading Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky. It took me a little while to get into, but I'm really enjoying it now.

Do you nap a lot? No, apart from when I'm ill. I wish I did but I always feel awful after sleeping during the day.

Who was the last person you hugged? Mr B.

What is your current obsession/addiction? Getting ideas & inspiration for my little home.

What was the last thing you said out loud? "Aren't the cars loud?" to my colleague. The cars outside our window are crushing ice as they drive and making a lot of racket.

What websites do you always visit when you go online? Blogger of course, Hotmail, Facebook, Sky News.

What was the last item you bought? Some Dermalogica goodies.

What is your most challenging goal? At the moment it's to find a new, enjoyable, job - the credit crunch has affected my job hunt a lot more than I imagined it would... there's nothing out there!

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished- anywhere in the world, where would it be? Holland, so I could be closer to my family.

Favorite Vacation spot? Bali, Indonesia. It's magical.

Say something to the people who tagged you: Thank you for inspiring me and for writing posts that I enjoy so much.

Name one thing you just can't resist no matter how bad it is for you: There are too many things to mention!! Cheese, Kettle Chips, Wine and currently

Thanks so much Littlesack!

What is your favorite item of clothing? I'm loving my new (ish) boots from LK Bennett.

What would your American Gladiator name be and why? This is a tough one, ummmm.... possibly SAVAGE... (my maiden name)!

Name one thing you can not live with out: TEA. Strong but with lots of milk. No sugar. Can't beat it.

Has a celebrity's haircut ever influenced you on your own hairstyle? No, they copy me! I'm not all that experimental with my hair, it's normally mid-length/long with a longish blunt frige. I had a fringe WAY before Keira Knightley aka copy cat, ha.

If you could pick one ingredient in a mojito that best represents you what would it be and why? Lime. I'm a Limey.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully I will be a mum living in a larger house (it would be lovely to be able to have guests stay over!).

What is your favorite childhood memory? I have too many to choose just one! I have a topical one though... sledging down the hill next to my parents house with my mum - we had such fun and she's an expert sledger.

Favorite football team: Just for Mr B, Manchester United.

What are you wearing now? My boots, grey woollen trousers, black frilly cardigan & my new necklace.

What color is your bedroom? Cream Magnolia. This year I would like to decorate it a really, really pale pink.

What are you listening to right now? Beth Rowley. She's got the most beautiful voice.

What is something you wish you could do more? Travel. I only get 20 days holiday per year - no where near enough!

If you could have any super power, what would it be? I would love to fly... how awesome would that be? (And it would mean that I could have had a lie-in today!)

What is your favorite weather, and why? As hot and dry as possible! I was not meant to live in the UK, I hate the cold.

What time do you usually get up? 7am.

What is your favorite children’s book? Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree Series. Fairies, magic, adventures, magical places... what more could you want?

If you could meet anyone famous - dead or alive - who would it be? Nelson Mandela.

If you could have any job in the world , what would it be? Photographer.

Who is your hero? My parents neighbour and my mum-mark 2, Audrey. She's the most generous, intelligent, motivated, elegant and charming lady. I would love to be more like her.

Phew, what a mammoth post! As a reward to you for making it all the way down here here's my cat-heroine.


  1. fun answers! Yeahhhhh! I made it into the post. that little jar is so cute. Those little buggers are so addictive, aren't they? For some reason I can never stop eating them.

    The more I eat the chocolates you sent, the more I fall in love with them. they are SOOO good---the inside fudge, mmmm.....

    also, i never thanked you for the key chain you sent as well. It's super cute, but it got lost in my excitement for chocolates!

  2. ps...I drink my tea that way too! The English way--- lots of cream or milk!

  3. These are so fun to read. :D

  4. I LOVE all the snow! Isn't it just so peaceful and beautiful outside when it snows? -- Your cat is so precious, I love wine and Peanut M&M's too and thanks for nominating your favorite blogger :) I'm so excited!

  5. The weather in the UK made it on the news in Salt Lake! Good job! Hope you guys don't freeze to death! I actually have my fan on b/c I'm having hot flashes today.

  6. Kettle chips. Yummo. I just had a bag actually I can never resist them when I see them on the shelf. I always get the unsalted ones in a bid to convince myself the lack of salt makes up for the trillion grams of fat I'm having.

    So jealous you've been to Bali!

  7. So much fun to read! Thanks for posting!

    I love the boots and I too am jealous that you've been to Bali. And now you've got me thinking about decorating my bedroom in pale pink...

  8. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog. I just posted the recipe for the Norwegian pancakes as you asked for. Let me know if you make them, they are delish. Nice meeting you.

  9. I'm cracking up at the hair question--they copy me. Hilarious!!

  10. This was so fun to read! And I love saying "Saskia Savage" out loud, that's the coolest name EVER! haha

  11. Thanks for all your comments ladies!

    Lulu, I LOVED my name and was so sad to see it change... but I love having the same surname as my man.

    'To change or not to change' was quite the dilemma last year!

  12. Thanks for welcoming me! Loved your answers. Have a happy day!

  13. I loved your answers!! I'm glad Mr. B drove you to work so you were safe! :)