10 February 2009


This morning I had to drive poor little Mazzie-the-Mazda through an overnight lake. I was scared. The water was high. Mazzie is low, small and not so robust. I was convinced that water would pour in through the doors. I'm sure I could feel Mazzie rocking a little as an oncoming car churned up waves. Panic. But she ploughed through slowly and kept me dry.

Keep your fingers crossed that she starts tonight when I leave work...


  1. Good luck on your drive. Be safe. Winter driving is just awful and I'm ready for warm weather already!

  2. Be VERY CAREFUL and go slowly - I hydroplaned my Miata, and it is a huge blessing that I didn't get hurt / hurt someone else. They are NOT made for rainy driving.

  3. Oh my gosh! Is that your car in the photo! That is a heck of a lot of water! Drive carefully!