26 February 2009

Pancake day was not all it was cracked up to be, this year anyway

My cheese & spinach pancakes were delicious, but Mr B was disappointed. He said that they were not "proper food" as there was no meat in them. Charming. I am well aware of Mr B's obsession love of meat but I didn't think it would extend to pancake fillings, especially where spinach is concerned.

I enjoyed them very much.

I was looking forward to seeing what happened to President Taylor's husband, or seeing if Ben & Jack managed to persuade anyone else to go back to The Island, so I was distressed thrilled to hear the football was on tv... Man U v. Inter Milan. Fantastic. Meisha ran away as soon as the game started (she's got the right idea) - Mr B gets quite vocal.

For afters we had dessert pancakes. We both agreed they were delicious.

Last night we did find out what happened to Henry Taylor and who went back to the island, even though there was another football match on tv.

Compromise is our middle name.


  1. Mr. B should just be happy you made him dinner! Sheesh! Sorry, I can't tell you what happened on Lost as I don't watch it. I think you can get episodes online, can't you? Hope you have a great day!

  2. Pancaked day!! Yumm!!! Thank you for the kind Birtday wishes.

  3. i think your pancakes sound perfect :) and i love the compromise :)

  4. YEAH! Lost is sooooo exciting these days!