19 December 2008

Advent Bird

Thank goodness today is Friday! I've only got 2 and a bit days left at work (on Christmas eve the MD brings in mince pies, champagne and other goodies and we get to leave at lunchtime, yay)!
Tomorrow Mr B is working, so I'll be relaxing with a good book and getting the house ship-shape in time for Christmas. The rest of the weekend will be spent seeing friends and horseriding... I can't wait!

Today brought a tiny bird onto our advent calendar. I wanted to show you our tiny garden-visitor (Mr Robin Redbreast) but he's too tiny and illusive to capture on film. Instead you can have this sparkly winged friend from our tree.

Have a fantastic Friday night!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the hair love and the book suggestions! I'm hitting the library right after work!

    That bit about Meisha was too cute!! Cats are so odd sometimes