19 December 2008

Guest Blogger - MEISHA

I'm so excited as Jennifer's cat Sugar has tagged me! My mum has let me use the computer to share some of my habits & quirks!
  1. I am a Bengal & therefore I am a little bit different to other cats. One reason is I have a massive range of different mieows, calls and noises. Sometimes my mum & dad laugh at me when I do a more unusual noise which isn't very nice of them. I don't laugh when my mum speaks Dutch to me... these humans have a lot to learn about etiquette don't they?

  2. I love sitting as close to the strange, hot, metal attachments on the walls. Wow they're hot at this time of the year! Sometimes my fur gets to almost the same temperature as the metal thing... sigh. It's heavenly to be so warm.

  3. I go crazy when I play and I love to wiiggggle like Beyonce!!!
  4. My favourite food is ham. Oh wait... I love chicken too, the roasted one that my parents cook in the oven. Oh no, forget that, I love beef... as raw as possible. Oh, and fish from the chippie - haddock or cod, I don't mind... oh and whiskas treats... I'll admit it, I'm greedy and not very fussy.

  5. I've recently started to do this weird thing when I get stroked on the sofa... I sit with my front paws up on the arm. My mum thinks it's hysterically funny and says I look like a bear when I do this. Do any other cats do this? I'm sure there must be a few of you out there! I've attached another video for you to see

  6. I like to wash anywhere, anytime, especially right in the middle of playing... you can get in a quick lick on your paw or side, or while I'm walking along I'll spot a little bit that's not clean enough and lick. You can never be too clean!

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  1. Your cat is adorable! Thanks for following my adventures in LA!