05 December 2008

Quirky me

I've been tagged by the lovely Kate from Elefantitas Alegres!! It's my first tag so extra-special thanks to Kate :)

Here are the rules:
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So here are some quirks about me:
1. I get really really worried about our rabbits in the winter. On truly freezing cold nights I am afraid they might get ill from the cold so I make them a hot water bottle and pop it in amongst their hay!
2. I have cried every time I have put Meisha the cat in her travel basket. She is a rescue cat - I've never seen a cat behave the way she did for the first few months. She was so sad and not like a cat at all. She didn't mieow, purr, wash, sit up - she sprinted from safe-spot to safe-spot, hiding where possible, avoiding us and our feet especially. We mostly ignored her at first and let her come to us... it worked a treat! She is now the most loving, affectionate and talkative cat and Mr B and I love her dearly, but we still do not pick her up - it's too stressful for her and she hates it. Having to pick her up and put her in the basket is awful, but it's getting better.
3. Spinach is my favourite food, no contest. I love it and swear I could eat it on its own, constantly and never tire of it. Saag Aloo (spinach potatoes) from our favourite Indian restaurant is especially divine.
4. I am bi-lingual and speak Dutch and English. My Dutch is not practised enough at all and it takes me a few days in Holland to get my vocabulary back. After spending time in Holland and coming back to England my brain get very confused about what language I'm speaking... I've spoken to Mr B in Dutch before without realising he had no idea what I was on about!
5. My favourite job ever was my first job, working on the local supermarket's Deli counter when I was 16, complete with sexy, aproned, hair-netted uniform. I loved it, I loved my colleagues, I even loved (most of) the customers. One gentleman would come in every Saturday night and buy all the ready-cooked chickens we had left at a discount. He always wanted to be served by me and called me Princess. I often wonder how he is now.
6. My dream house is old, stone, in the country (possibly in Yorkshire) with not much else around it except beautiful scenery. When we live in my dream house I will keep chickens (ex-battery) and I will have a vegetable patch.

There you go! I hope you enjoyed my random facts.

Right, I'm going to tag:
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  1. I love reading your answers! I love spinach too!

  2. Hello there,

    Thanks for the tag, I will post today.
    Meanwhile would you please email me?
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  3. I am posting mine right now! Thank you :)

  4. I tagged you on my blog. Go look! There is a picture that goes with this award but idk how to put it up!