08 December 2008

My first Blog Award!

Littlesack from Navigating the Quarterlife has given me my first award!!! So a big thank you to you.

Here are the rules: Copy and paste the rule instructions in your post. When posting on receiving the award, make sure you include who gave you the award and link it back to them. Post five winners and link it back to them as well. Post five of your addictions. Add the award image. Let the winners know you gave them an award by leaving them a comment on their blog.

So here are 5 of my addictions:
1. Painting my nails... I do this far too often and get far too stressed about doing them perfectly. I'm afraid this is one of my addictions that bothers Mr B a lot.
2. Tea! I drink far too much tea, especially at work. There's no best time for a cuppa... I can drink it first thing in the morning and last thing at night! I love it and it truly does help me to wake up and feel more human first thing in the morning.
3. Sun-dried tomatoes. I could eat them with or in every meal - delicious!! Try a salami sandwich with a little bit of mozzarella and a few sun-dried tomatoes... it's heavenly.
4. My husband :)
5. Yoga - I only started this year, but I absolutely love it and I'm hoping to start a new class as well as continuing with my old class in the new year.

I'd like to award the following ladies:
Sara from The View From The New Year's Baby
Lulu from The Dirty Martini Diaries
Kate from Elefantitas Alegres
Mrs. Cup from My Cup Overflows
Gwen from Confessions of a Control Freak

I'm looking forward to hearing your answers!


  1. Aww ~ thank you so much for the award!! And congrats to you for receiving it. You definitely deserve it. :) {HUGS}

  2. Thank you!!! Congrats on your first award!